Juniors PGEN Marines Update (JMU).

(Pronounced “JAYMEW”)


 September 17, 2016


 Junior PGEN Marines Update 


  1. Junior pgen marines do not buy massive amounts of stock at any one price, no matter how great the situation supposedly is.
  2. The PGEN to zero rules everything. In junior gold stock land, anything is possible at any time, and with still 4 more days left in the Fed/BOJ gold price scam, marines need to be focused on the professionalism of your pgens to zero rather than on how terrified the gurus are becoming.
  3. Still, marines need pump-up sessions before marching into the blood zone with buy orders. To start your pump-up session, please click here now:  Value-oriented funds in the West added 10 tons of gold to the SPDR fund yesterday.
  4. Gold does not move in the same type of bull/bear cycles that all the gurus want to believe it does, and there is no evidence yet that the 18 year bear cycle in gold stocks has ended, other than the huge rally that occurred in 2016 H1.
  5. Gold stock rallies against gold are early warning beacons that bank loan profits and money velocity might turn up, but until they do turn up, there is no bull cycle for inflation in play, and so there is no major bull cycle for gold stocks in play.
  6. If you just report to the nearest gold guru’s crackhouse, and play with his fantasy bull and bear market label makers, you’ll create a fake world for yourself, a world the banksters will happily take away, and show you a very real bear cycle world for gold stocks, a world that has not ended 20 years after it began.
  7. Please click here now: That’s the daily bars GDXJ chart.
  8. There’s a H&S top in play, and the main uptrend line has been smashed by Janet with her Sept 21 gold price scam. She’s probably rolling on the floor at home right now, looking at various gold stock charts, laughing uncontrollably.
  9. Having said that, most gold stocks are not down that hard, which is solid action, given the big run-up in the first 6 months of the year.
  10. A few have been bombed, but others have rallied this week, even while gold was manipulated lower by Janet.
  11. Please click here now: That’s another look at the GDXJ chart. The $41.11 low is holding, and GDXJ will not technically be in a downtrend unless it trades under $41.11
  12. Please click here now: That’s daily Klondex chart. It’s rallied on many days where Janet has pushed gold lower with her boy toy Fed speaker puppets, and it’s still very close to its highs.
  13. Cheer that yesterday’s big volume day is a sign of further rally rather than a danger signal, but remember that at $7 a share, you cannot be buying maniacally every nickel down and expect to feel no pain with that strategy.
  14. The higher price goes, with no sizable sell-off, the more professional you need to be with your pgen buy increments. In the $5 to $10 area, 50 cent buy increments are recommended.
  15. Please click here now: Uranium stocks have been in a gulag since 2008, and many of you are now wondering if the gold stocks rally of 2016 H1 will be repeated in the uranium sector.
  16. I don’t know, but I’m poised to get richer, if it happens. Here’s the bottom yellowcakes line:
  17. Chinese reactors are scheduled to start coming on line in a big way, and not just in China, in the 2017-2020 period.
  18. Please click here now: Clearly, uranium is a buy from a value perspective. It’s down from $130 to about $25.
  19. China also has apparently almost perfected a “meltdown resistant” reactor. There are some good things happening, but please click here now:  This is why the pgen to zero is mandatory for the junior resource stock investor. 
  20. After falling from $270 a share to $2.70, surely the lows were in and we were all about to go vertical but….no.
  21. The target of that triangle meltdown is about $1 a share, roughly speaking. Cameco (ccj-nyse) needs to show some uptrend action of higher minor trend highs and higher lows, and that has yet to happen.
  22. I’ve ended my (the uranium fund) shorting component, and covered off my final short positions in the $4 zone. Obviously, since yellowcake was $7 in the 1980s and 90s, $25 is not necessarily “the low”, and can go much lower.
  23. The same was true for GDX as I began winding down my shorting program in the $25 area, and killed it at $16. GDX went to $12, and it could have gone lower or reverse split.
  24. A huge rally for uranium, the worst performing commodity of 2016, probably lies ahead in 2017, but the pgen to zero on for me will determine where the final low turns out to be, not my analysis of the situation. I’m a buyer every 25 cents down.
  25. Gridtime! The few.  The proud.  The pgen to zero junior resource marines!  Please click here now:  In time, some of the yellowcake stocks will look like Lexam does now.  The marine’s main weapons are the pgen to zero and the vomit bag.  You can’t get to “Wheee!! Land” without those weapons, whether it is in gold stocks or yellowcakes.  Let’s hit the gridlines now.  I’ll see you there!


Kirk Jr. on the gold explorers bridge, out! 




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