sep 24 jmu

Juniors PGEN Marines Update (JMU).

(Pronounced “JAYMEW”)


Sep 24, 2015


Junior PGEN Marines Update


  1. YOU follow junior stocks, but please click here now: That’s the HUI daily chart. In an idea world, which is a bull era with lots of fear trade cakes to eat, junior stocks lead, but seniors do OK.
  2. The HUI/GDX does have a nice H&S bottom in play. RSI is trending higher.
  3. Note Tony the Stochastics Tiger, at the bottom of the chart. Is Tony rolling over, or preparing to flash a momentum-style buy signal?
  4. India’s mega jewellers are predicting demand for Q4 of our calendar year will surpass 2012 numbers! That’s with the mafia duties in full force.
  5. The Western CRIMEX banksters operate most of their scams around Indian demand’s ebb and flow, and use Western economic reports to fine tune the “fun”.
  6. Given the massive likelihood of a huge ramp-up in both official and unofficial demand in India, it’s likely that the next CRIMEX scam is to the
  7. Are your mines prepared?
  8. Please click here now: That’s the daily Bitcoin chart. It’s become…. Boring.
  9. I’ve made it pretty clear in these updates that bitcoin has many similarities to gold, like an amateur athlete in grade 5 has many similarities to a professional NFL football player.
  10. That makes it an interesting gamble for gold community citizens. Comparing a grade 5 football player to an NFL superstar, as a competitor to that superstar, is entertaining, and
  11. Bitcoin is gaining stability, and I expect that to continue. It’s a competitor with fiat. Gold has no competitors, but it is surrounded by crackheads who think it does, and by crackheads who try to build competitors to it.
  12. Gold stands alone.
  13. I’m a pgen player of Sir Bit on every $25 decline, regardless of what I see on the chart.
  14. In time, when Indian jewellers come for all the gold in all the central banks, the banksters will have to engineer a currency that either is bitcoin, or is like bitcoin, to replace the gold.
  15. This may happen sooner than you think, due to the nature of Indian demand linked to Indian industrialization. That’s good news for your gold stocks, and for crypto’s.
  16. Please click here now: I think that caption I put on the chart says it all.
  17. The PBOC rocks. The PBOC runs the SGE. The SGE categorically states that its main partners are not Chinese dealers, Chinese jewellers, Western banks, or global hedge funds.
  18. The SGE’s main partners are: Indian jewellers. I’ll ask you to stand for a moment, and given the world’s greatest partnership, and your junior explorers that benefit from the partnership, a standing ovation.
  19. Indian demand can force the CRIMEX banksters to make their next scam to the upside, and blast gold over $1170. What happens to the GLDX:GDX ratio chart, if that happens? Are your mines, and your ownership of them, really prepared? Look in the mirror. You may need a bigger bull era party hat.
  20. Working on the production line a bull and bear market label making factory isn’t going to cut it in the bull era. You need to think quite a bit bigger.
  21. Please click here now: That’s Golden Monster portfolio component Pretium in action on the price grid today.
  22. On the GU site I’ve talked about a “bull era upchannel”. That’s where Chindian influences create a sustained uptrend that appears timid from the sidelines, but when the numbers are crunched, the annual gains blow away anything the Dow has ever done on a sustained basis.
  23. Pretium is showcasing roughly what that channel should look like.
  24. Gridtime! It was a fabulous day, with gold up, silver gold, gold stocks up, the Dow down, Indian demand soaring, while you’re 2 weeks away from the next PBOC excel sheet release on their latest buying. Janet will soon hike rates, and ramp up bank loan activity, and reverse money velocity. Perhaps the only day better than today will be…. Tomorrow? Let’s hit the gridlines now. I’ll see you there!


Kirk Jr. on the gold explorers bridge, out!




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