Sep 17, 2014



1.           To understand GDXJ, please click here now:

2.           Is Tanzanian Royalty preparing for an upside shock and awe campaign?  Please click here now:  Double-click to enlarge.

3.           When you own the ultimate asset, or jewellery and mining stocks related to it, anything can happen… at any time!

4.           After building the second right shoulder of a multi-shouldered h&s bottom, TRX collapsed, only to blast higher when technically, it looked like the upside jig was up!

5.           Most upside super-blasts in price tend to occur, when all seems hopeless, and price seems headed lower forever.  That’s what’s called, getting richer in your personal surprise zone!

6.           If you don’t buy lower price in your failed analysis zone, you’ll rarely ring the cash register in your upside personal surprize zone.

7.           Please click here now: Double-click to enlarge.

8.           That’s the daily bars uranium chart.  I own a fair amount of it, and yes I also carry short positions, but I’m always net long.

9.            While uranium and associated stocks tanked after reaching their March highs…the action, at least for uranium itself, in July-August was decent.

10.        Who says the same thing can’t happen in Oct-Nov, for junior gold stocks?

11.        Please click here now: http://www.gracelandjuni

12. That’s the daily chart for CCJ.  Double-click to enlarge.

13.        Uranium stocks are behaving the opposite of how gold stocks are behaving; gold stocks are leading gold, and uranium is leading uranium stocks.

14.        Please click here now:  Calpers has decided not to dump its commodity portfolio after all.

15.        While Calpers only holds about $1billion of their $300 billion fund in commods, their actions are widely followed, and hedge funds have been bailing out of commods like there’s no tomorrow, and handing all their positions to the banksters.

16.        FOMC Meet update: Gold falls 1 cent, because Janet says QE is done, while Hong Kong builds a 1500 ton vault in China, news that's carried by no Western media. 

17.        I told you to ignore that irrelevant Hag when it comes to QE.  What matters is money velocity, and you’ll soon see that she isn’t as gold bearish as it appears. 

18.        The CNBC wolves can blow gold sell signals at the Chindian bric house all they want.  Nobody in Chindia cares, and nobody has any gold in the West to sell, even if they wanted to sell!

19.        There's nobody left in the West with any gold to sell on Janet/FOMC news, except the Western central banks.  Once India and China demand exceeds mine and supply by a bigger margin, they’ll come for that gold too, and they’re going to get it.

20.        Thank goodness QE is done, as I alone in the gold community predicted it would be.  Janet can’t turn money velocity higher as long as she’s printing fiat and handing it to commercial banks that refuse to loan it out. 

21.        That will change, once QE is tapered into the coffin, where it belongs, in October.

22.        Please click here now:  Aberdeen is up 60{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} from June, and beginning to establish an uptrend.  Stay focused on your stocks.  Stay focus on the Chindian machine.  The taper lasted 10 months. 

23.        Gold is higher now than when the taper started, and Chindians are working feverishly opening vaults, refineries, and exchanges for the fizz.  

24.        Juniors Gridtime!  On the American side, Janet might look like a walking doorknob, but I assure you she’s only 50 steps ahead of the economists, in terms of doing what it takes to turn money velocity higher.  She just told the commercial banksters, “If you want higher rates so you can gouge borrowers and make huge profits on your loans, then show me some velocity, asap, or I won’t drop the moniker ‘considerable time’, got it?”   Don’t worry, there’s a reason why the banksters have joined me in going net long commods, in an almost across the board move.  Their QE handouts are toast.  It’s velocity or die, for the commercial banks, and I’ll dare to suggest dying isn’t on their schedule.


Kirk Jr. on the gold explorers bridge, out!




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