sep 14 JMU

Juniors PGEN Marines Update (JMU).

(Pronounced “JAYMEW”)


Sep 14, 2015


Junior PGEN Marines Update


  1. "You will actually find that the Indian stocks will rally on the Fed rate hike." -Ridham Desai, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley, Sep 13, 2015.
  2. Please click here now: Metates is one of the few world-class, undeveloped precious metal deposits not controlled by a major mining company in a favourable geo-political jurisdiction.
  3. Chesapeake runs the show. CKG.V is the ticker. 18 million ounce of proven and probable golden goodness are the reserves.
  4. Throw in another 500 million ounces of silver and 4 billion pounds of zinc.
  5. It will cost about $5 billion to develop Metates. CKG doesn’t have the $5 billion to do it, but they do have a 45 million share float, and $25 million in the bank.
  6. They want to flip Metates out to a big producer. Please click here now: That’s the daily chart of CKG.
  7. Note how it’s soared higher since the breakout in the two dollar a share area.
  8. Oops, maybe it hasn’t exactly soared higher. Maybe it was naked shorted by bankster scum, or just had a few problems.
  9. Regardless, the PGEN to zero is how to handle CKG. I like 10 cent buy increments, via $3 to zero pgen.
  10. Please click here now: That’s another look at the CKG daily chart.
  11. We all want breakouts to be followed by blast-offs higher, but realistically it’s the pgen to zero, not the predicted higher prices, that makes you richer.
  12. CKG has a pretty heavyweight board of directors, with people that have been involved in successful takeover deals before.
  13. At about $1.50 a share now, CKG is in the “pgen sweet spot”. It’s midway between the $3 peak and the zero bottom.
  14. Please click here now: That’s the daily McEwen Mining chart, MUX-nyse.
  15. MUX is battling to get over the big gold downtrend lines. It did take out a small black downtrend line today.
  16. Also, note Tony the Stochastics Tiger at the bottom of the chart. Tony has already crossed back to a buy signal just days after rolling into a sell.
  17. Please click here now: That’s First Majestic (AG-nyse). Like a lot of junior gold/silver stocks, AG staged a “breakout” in June.
  18. I told you to cheer it higher, while being ready to buy it to zero, via pgen. At this point, here’s how I’d play AG: Use a range pgen from $5 to $3, using 25 cent increments.
  19. Use a second range pgen from $3 to 0, using 10 cent increments.
  20. Keep a shorting component, preferably, using SIL-nyse. As you can see by the bankster-operated breakout that became a meltdown in June, with junior stocks it’s generally important to keep a shorting component, and it’s MANDATORY to use a pgen to zero.
  21. You’ll never survive emotionally unscarred, even if you do financially, without a shorting component and a pgen to zero. The junior stock arena is full of predators and criminals. What seems solid can be made “unsolid” by these scumbags.
  22. Please click here now: That’s a second look at the First Majestic chart.
  23. There’s a great bull wedge in play, and Tony the Tiger is really poised to turn higher and “assist” in a nice upside rally!
  24. Gridtime! Please click here now: I showed that Koos Jansen India silver tonnage imports to the GU crew this morning. I think the junior pgen marines should see it too. India’s demand has scored mind numbing ten bagger growth from 2009, from 1000 tons a year to about 10,000 for this year. It will take another 5 – 10 years for India’s demand to exceed all mine supply, but it’s going to happen. I’ve tried to explain that Indian gold and silver demand is inelastic. That’s why they’re going to come after central bank gold when they can’t get any more from your mines. Keep a keen eye on your silver stocks, via pgen to zero, and be proud of that focus. I told you that India has your back, because they do, and in the case of silver, they have it… ten bagger style! Let’s hit the gridlines now. I’ll see you there!


Kirk Jr. on the gold explorers bridge, out!




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