Sep 13, 2014



1.           To get richer, please click here now:  While 500,000 guru crackheads tell you that China demand is “tanking”, and another 500,000 of them are locked in a rubber room blowing “and now we go parabolic!”  smoke out of their crackpipes, I’ll tell you that…

2.           Chow Tai Fook is real.

3.           Look at the H1 2014 revenues growth.  Look at the profits growth.  And, if you are like me, you looked into your account Monday night, and licked your tongue over another big fat and juicy dividend payment, from this gold jewellery champion of champions!

4.           CTF is now in the elite Hang Seng 50 index!  That’s the Hong Kong equivalent of the US Dow! 

5.           With more than 2000 retail outlets in more than 400 cities, Chow Tai Fook is a great part of any gold juniors portfolio, and it’s an even greater indicator of what kind of demand growth is really going on, for gold from your mines.

6.           Chow Tai Fook is not showing “here comes your free parabola” growth, and it’s not sinking so, “you’re gonna die, all your mines are going to zero when the Fed hikes rates!”  That’s poppycock.

7.           CTF is solid.  Like the gold jewellery bull era itself.

8.           Rock solid.

9.           CTF’s two top guns are Doctor Hank Cheng (Chairman), and Kent Wong (CEO).  I think they can have 4000 stores in the CTF expansion bag, by the year 2020.

10.        Please click here now:

11.        Look at that payouts record!  While gold declines, The Chowmeisters up their game, and take the dividend they pay twice a year up by 100{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9}, with no missed payouts!

12.        While I expect India to ultimately surpass China, in both population and total economy size, China alone is set to take gold demand, just in China, beyond global mine production, and superstars like Chow Tai Fook are leading the way!

13.        Forget about all the gur garbage stories like little secret ChineseJames Bond playdough toys buying all the COMEX gold contracts, buying more gold than is mined now.  Those stories are told by crackheads that are sporting massive personal account drawdowns. 

14.        All those crackheads do is look for bits of reality here and there, and shape it into a big gold parabola fantasy.   That’s all they do, all day long, all day, every day.  Write that down and nail it to your head with a 20 foot railway spike.  Thanks.

15.        Chow Tai Fook is real.  Chinese gold jewellery demand is what really takes the POYG, price of your gold, beyond $1900.  It’s not a free money ride, as you may have noticed on the price grid on Friday.

16.        Because there are no free money rides in the real world, the PGEN to zero exists.  To manage those bankster games.  Just because the banksters play COMEX games doesn’t mean they’re “about to blow”.  What they’re doing, is fading their games from the COMEX, and moving them to Shanghai. 

17.        The games will go on, but at higher price levels.

18.        The SPDR fund jumped from 785 tons on Friday, to 788 tons.  Where’s the supposed selling that was going to occur in that fund?  Gold is weak here because the banksters are liquidating commodity index funds, and the funds hold gold futures to track its holding in the index.

19.        I don’t see anything to be concerned about here, and nor do Hank and Kent at Chow Tai Fook.  If they’re not concerned, should you be concerned? 

20.        No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21.        Off to the gym here.  I’ll be back in touch shortly covering the action in GDXJ!


Kirk Jr. on the gold explorers bridge, out!




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