oct 3 JMU!

Juniors PGEN Marines Update (JMU).

(Pronounced “JAYMEW”)


Oct 3, 2015


Junior PGEN Marines Update


  1. Please click here now: http://gracelandjuniors.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/2015oct1bit1.png Sir Bit (bitcoin) is becoming more stable.
  2. Unfortunately, like gold, Sir Bit may be doing so at lower prices than are justified by demand versus supply.
  3. Regardless, it’s pretty obvious that debt-obsessed Gmen don’t take kindly to a currency that can’t be printed, like bitcoin… let alone one like gold!
  4. I do like the stability of bitcoin right now, and I’m a dedicated buyer every $25 down, and a seller, of some, but not all I buy, every 50 cents to 75 cents higher.
  5. Are you a gold bear chump, or a bull era champ? To find out, please click here now: http://gracelandjuniors.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/2015oct2goldjr1.png That’s the daily gold chart I showed GU subs, right before the jobs report.
  6. Note the bankster scam of taking price under the triangle demand line, so the funds would short it in a big way.
  7. Next, please click here now: http://gracelandjuniors.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/2015oct2goldjr2.png Boom! Out go the levered funds’ price chasing lights!
  8. Please click here now: http://gracelandupdates.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/2015oct3gdxA.mp4 Hopefully that video plays for you. It covers GDX.
  9. Why should YOU care what happens to GDX? Well, junior gold stocks certainly have outperformed seniors for a while.
  10. Having said that, some junior stocks did soar higher, but others just fell to a lesser degree than the seniors did.
  11. For a sustained move higher, and I’m talking about many years, not months or days or hours, the senior stocks do need to show periods of leadership, and that may be underway now.
  12. Meantime, please click here now: http://gracelandjuniors.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/2015oct3fm1.png That’s the daily First Majestic chart. It blasted 14{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} higher yesterday, basically scoring 2 years of average Dow performance… in just one day!
  13. I like the action. Gold Bicep shouted “Gimme More!” as I suggested that the rally could go right to the close, and I do think much more is exactly what is coming. Note the epic volume bar that came right before the blastoff!
  14. Please click here now: http://gracelandjuniors.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/2015oct3claude1.png That’s Captain Ewave’s bell weather stock, Claude. It’s acted like I wanted all gold stocks to act, since the spring of 2014!
  15. I’ve suggested that gamblers can use PRETIUM as a better proxy for the junior gold sector than the entire GDXJ index.
  16. On that note, please click here now: http://gracelandjuniors.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/2015oct3pret1.png That’s the daily chart of bull era superstar Pretium. China’s Zijin Mining, which I own in some size, and via pgen to zero, is helping fund the Brucejack operation.
  17. Pretium surged higher while gold and golds sank for for the past few weeks, and months, but now the upside action is starting to get interesting.
  18. Obviously, at the $6.50 area highs, I’ll ask you to cheer for higher prices, while booking SOME profit.
  19. RSI and Tony (14,7,7 stochastics) are easing into nosebleed territory, which is a selling area, but also an area where upside momentum moves can occur.
  20. You’re only another week or so away from getting the next PBOC report on their gold buy action in September, via excel file.
  21. The bottom line is that it’s just a matter of time, and perhaps not that much time, before the Western bank econs begin to actually pay attention to the PBOC’s monthly excel file reports.
  22. They don’t have to pay attention, but if they don’t, they may wake up at GDX $1000 and GDXJ $2000 to find that they should have done so.
  23. Please click here now: http://gracelandjuniors.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/2015oct3mux1.png McEwan Mining has transitioned into a bullish symmetrical triangle pattern.
  24. Gridtime! The pattern is bullish, because price was rising when it formed, giving the pattern a 67{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} chance of an upside breakout. MUX has been heavily naked shorted by bankster scum, but they appear to be reducing that now. Please click here now: http://gracelandjuniors.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/2015oct3mux2.png That’s another look at McEwan. The big downtrend line was taken out around Aug 20, but it was the Sept 20 time frame area breakout that has held, turning that TL into support rather than resistance. Let’s cheer Rob McEwan on, as he marches forwards, with no salary and 25{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} ownership, of MUX! Let’s hit the gridlines now. I’ll see you there!


Kirk Jr. on the gold explorers bridge, out!



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