Oct 2, 2014




1.           Please click here now: http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14oct/2014oct2j1.PNG

2.           That chart requires the “eye of a champion”.  Here’s why: If you look at the MACD 12,26,9 histograms for the junior silver stocks ETF, SILJ, you can see that my 5,15 moving average series buy and sell signals on this daily chart corresponds almost perfectly with the MACD histos.

3.           I tend to use shorter term histo series for items like gold or GDX, USD, etc, but when dealing with more volatile items, (like junior silver stocks!!!) there are vastly too many false signals with those shorter term series.

4.           Please click here now: http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14oct/2014oct2j1a.PNG 

5.           That’s the same chart, with the MACD histo signals highlighted.  

6.           The bottom line?  Accumulators need to be on the buy here, and traders need to wait for the histos to cross the zero line.

7.           Please click here now: http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14oct/2014oct2pret1.PNG  The bankster-financed hedge fund scum helped crush gold reserves monster Pretium, from $18 to $3.

8.           Note my MACD histos in play.  It’s not time for a full blast higher, but accumulators should be on the buy here.

9.           To view Pretium in the shorter term, please click here now: http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14oct/2014oct2pret1b.png  Double-click to enlarge this interesting daily chart.

10.        Notice the MACD 8,16,9 histos turning positive…today!

11.        There’s budding positive action from the other oscillators and indicators, and the bottom line is that a drop from $9 to $5 needs to be bought, with at least one share!

12.        Every day, I open up my email or gold site websites, and I’m inundated with gold market losers telling me, “it’s a bear market!” 

13.        Earth to Mars: If gold is not revalued, the same idiots are going to be saying, “It’s a breadline!”, and every single one of them, is going to be standing in it.

14.        Gridtime!  What’s a gold bear, is that some kind of germ?” – A billion Indian titan of ton citizens, as they picture $80 oil lowering the cost of production for your mines, so you can go get them more gold!


Kirk Jr. on the gold explorers bridge, out!




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