Oct 15, 2014




1.           The horror is underway.  QE is finished, as I told you it would be.  I predicted QE would be tapered to zero by either late 2014, or early 2015.

2.           The banksters decided it was best to finish it, and send the price chasers to their graves, during the month of October, the most dangerous month of stock market crash season.

3.           Well, it’s only dangerous if you a price chasing crackhead that buys Dow from me, after I book 100{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} gains in it and walk away.

4.           One institutional analyst says that since QE1 began, the US stock market has never had a single up week, if the Fed did not engage in QE purchases during that week.

5.           Hint:  QE is finished now.  It’s over.  It’s kaput.  Finito.  Bye bye, American QE Pie.  Got the picture?  Picture a coffin, and you have the picture of the power of QE to influence economic demand.  They can’t bring it back, because it doesn’t work.

6.           I wonder how the stock markets are going to trade, now that mommy Janet has taken the heroin needle away from all the price chasing heroin addicts?

7.           The Western gold community is now engaged in a mass “gold revaluation can’t happen” group rant chant, just as they, all-stupidly, engaged in a mass shorting of the Dow at the 2008 lows as I bought it, and just as they engaged in a mass “QE can’t be ended or gold will crash” amoebic rant chant in December 2013, while I alone in the gold community told you QE would be ended, and it would create a huge gold rally as the first taper occurred, and the taper would turn the Dow into a pathetic wet noodle, which is, exactly, what it did.

8.           The bank econs did predict the taper, but the idiots thought it would be Dow-positive and cause gold to crash.  They were 100{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} wrong, and I was 100{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} correct. 

9.           Ho hum, the tough life of the champ (me) rolls on.  Lol.

10.        If gold is not revalued, a deflationary vortex is going to suck every global asset except gold into it.  Food commodities will rally in a huge way against the Dow, as that happens.  Write that down and railroad spike it into your forehead.  Thanks.

11.        If gold is revalued, commodities will look like a fleet of starships in warp drive, blasting into the Pluto zone.  If gold isn’t revalued, you’re going to watch all of America go to work in dollar stores to serve their Chindian masters.

12.        With my 40{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} USD, 40{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} gold/silver (70{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} gold, 30{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} silver), and 20{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} everything else portfolio weighting, I’m in party time mode.  Bring on the reval.  Bring on the vortex.  Bring on anything.  None of it matters, because my party will continue, whatever the banksters bring to the show.

13.        The odds of China not engaging in gold reval are microscopic.  It won’t be a 1930s style reval.  It will be market-based; a buy program that takes Chinese central bank holdings to 10,000 tons plus.

14.        Just a few months ago, I warned you that central banks lead by the Fed would face a crisis of confidence, as money managers would begin to question the ability of the Fed to engineer an economic demand recovery.  I told you that with no reval, the Fed would lose all credibility.

15.        The real cause of the Fed’s “loss of omnipotence” is government debt and bureaucracy.  The Fed’s tools work, but not when governments increase their debts and bureaucracy, and spend zero on infrastructure, while the Fed uses those tools.  Western governments have ruined the tools of the world’s most powerful central banks.  Will they ruin the gold reval tool?  That’s unknown, but if the tool isn’t used, the Western world will implode.

16.        I don’t think many of you really understand:  The Dow cannot rally without QE.  There is no QE so the Dow cannot rally. Thousands of Western gold community crackheads lined up to buy the Dow in August, just in time for the end of QE.  That’s how dumb they are.  They make amoebas look like Albert Einstein. 

17.        Dow dips cannot be bought without QE.  Dips will become deflationary vortexes, and huge numbers of the gold community will really kill themselves before this is all over.  They sold their gold sector holdings to the banksters and bought levered non-farm real estate and the Dow with the proceeds.  Without QE, those assets are burnt toast on a good day.  You don’t want to know what they will look like on a bad day.

18.        Funny time ended a long time ago, for everyone except the banksters and I, who can’t stop laughing as we watch all the weeble-wobbles implode.  Gold doesn’t need QE.  It doesn’t need the Western super-crisis.  It doesn’t need you.  It doesn’t need me.  Gold doesn’t need the West.  The West needs gold. 

19.        The West needs gold revaluation, and if it doesn’t happen, the entire Western world is going to go into caveman mode.

20.        Please click here now: http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14oct/2014oct14bit1.pdf

21.        As you can see, the latest megabank summit saw all the world’s bank CEOs taking bitcoin as serious competition, while the mainstream media calls it a “lark” and a “fad”. 

22.        As you can also see, Sir Bit is “mined” like gold is.  Sir Bit can’t be printed the way fiat can.  The bottom line is that Sir Bit is the perfect mechanism to replace gold as a central bank tool/asset.  Central banks don’t deserve to own any own.  They can’t be trusted with it, and the simple fact is that citizens, not banks and governments, should own the ultimate money.  Bitcoin is the perfect item for central banks to limit government abuse, debt, and bureaucracy.

23.        Gold was just revalued.  To view the revaluation, please click here now:  http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14oct/2014oct14scorp1.png  Ok, I lied.  Gold wasn’t revalued, but Eye Opener portfolio component Scorpio was, from $.15 to $.17, and that’s like gold going from $1500 to $1700 in one day.

24.        Gridtime!  The bull wedge pattern on Scorpio is pathetic, from an aesthetics perspective.  The swingograms have a zillion false signals.  The volume is questionable.  So, why it is likely this signal could be different from the others?  For the answer, please click here now: http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14oct/2014oct15j1.png  That’s GDXJ.  After the swingograms issued a sell signal in July at $41.30, they just issued a buy signal at $34.20 with no false signals in between that!  Volume is historic, record setting, and quite simply… all-awesome.  Chindia is going to revalue gold that is mined by your mines, or the entire Western world is going into a depression worse than the 1930s depression.  If Chindia does not revalue gold, they’re still on track to buy vastly more gold than your mines can produce.  Huge numbers of the gold community soiled their diapers in June 2013, Dec 2013, and Aug 2014, and sold their gold stocks to the banksters, and bought the Dow, just in time for the end of QE.  They are headed straight for the suicide zone, if there is no revaluation.  All they have, all they are as human beings, will be totally destroyed by the banksters, and you can write that down and railway spike it to your forehead.  Let’s hit the gridlines.  See you there!


Kirk Jr. on the gold explorers bridge, out!




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