Nov 28, 2014


  1. The new juniors wordpress site is up, so please click her now: Bitcoin has been struggling, like gold stocks.

  2. Like gold stocks, but unlike gold or silver bullion, the rallies staged by bitcoin have been substantial, even since it was attacked by gmen and banksters in Nov 2013.

  3. The action isn’t as big as it was before the attack happened, but a 50{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} rally is pretty normal, on the bitcoin gridlines.

  4. I’m a bitcoin buyer every $25 down, via pgen to zero. I’m a heavier buyer, via round number pgen to zero, at every $100 round number.

  5. Please click here now:

  6. That’s JDST, the triple levered bear bet on GDXJ. You may recall the infamous “Bart the Baboon” character, aka Bert Coons, who told you that an “apocalypse for gold stocks” was coming, when JDST was $40.

  7. In contrast, I told that an apocalypse of BART was coming, and so it did.

  8. Having said that, alone in the gold community, I’ve been somewhat adamant that most of you should not be owners of GDXJ, if you have enormous individual junior gold stock holdings.

  9. Here’s why: Junior gold stocks are subject to the greatest manipulation in the market. In Canada, regulators give megabanks a free hand to naked short them.

  10. Governments hate gold, hate gold stocks, and hate you. That’s a fact of gold bug life.

  11. Holding a counterbalance short position in GDXJ against your pgen to zero individual positions is a very good idea.

  12. For the gamblers amongst you, JDST is a way to play short term hits on gold stocks.

  13. As you can see from the JDST chart, holding these triple levered items for time, like morons like Bart the Baboon want you to do, is an exercise in lunacy.

  14. In the short term, gold stocks look vulnerable, but please click here now:

  15. It’s possible that the apocalypse of Bart the Baboon and his JDST superhero is only just starting.

  16. Please click here now:

  17. That’s daily chart for Pretium, one of the two stocks I have in the “Golden Monsters” portfolio. Chesapeake is the other.

  18. Pretium has arrived at $6.00 - $6.50 sell-side HSR again. The uptrend is creaking a bit, and upside momentum has stalled.

  19. Selling a bit via pgen, or buying a bit of JDST if you are a gambler, or shorting some GDXJ, is another way to play this, so your long-side position in Pretium stays

  20. If you think a monster reserve junior deserves to be in the Golden Monsters portfolio, please let me know what it is, and I’ll run it by Goldlion.

  21. Meantime, please click here now: That’s the daily ratio chart of uranium stocks versus uranium, via URA-N:U.TO, and it’s pretty clear that the stocks are massively outperforming uranium.

  22. The stocks have barely sold off against the dollar, while uranium has fallen from about $5.75 to $5.25, and the key question is…. Is the same thing about to happen, with junior gold stocks versus gold?

  23. I’ve talked fairly openly about a possible scenario in 2015 where the dollar rallies against gold, but gold stocks rally against both the dollar and gold.

  24. Gridtime! I’ll talk more about the fundamentals of that in today’s GU update, but please click here now: That’s the weekly chart of GDXJ versus gold. Understand that the daily charts are massively overbought, and what is happening this morning (j getting hit) is nothing unexpected, technically, at all. Once the Swiss vote games are behind you, this weekly chart, fuelled by solid fundamentals for gold stocks, should begin to fuel a 2015 Q1 rally that is quite a barnburner. Let’s hit the junior gold stock grid lines now. See you there!

Kirk Jr. on the gold explorers bridge, out!




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