Juniors Written Update JWU.

(Pronounced “Jaywoo”)


May 23, 2015




  1. Bitgold stock rocks! Please click here now:
  2. They’ve only been trading on the TSX for a week, and they opened 10,000 accounts in the first week! GoldMoney, who they just BOUGHT, has 20,000 accounts after 15 years in business!
  3. With the GoldMoney snackpack, Bitgold now has 30,000 accounts!
  4. I’m not negative on holding accounts with bitgold. The simple fact is that for me personally, I already may have too many good places where I hold gold. But I’ll likely open an account with bitgold anyways! Can anyone, really, own “too much gold” ? India doesn’t think so, and they’re about to go double digits on GDP. Maybe there’s something to learn from them?
  5. Please click here now: I’m also probably going accept payments in bitgold for Graceland subscriptions for all the sites soon. Some of you already pay me in physical gold and silver. Why? Answer: Because you and I… like to rock!
  6. For now, bitgold won’t deal with US citizens, but they say that could change. The top bitgold gun has run a hedge fund, so he’s obviously aware of the US market.
  7. Please click here now: That’s the stock chart. The symbol is a nice one, XAU.v
  8. Aggressive bitgold pgen marines can buy every 25 cents down, and more conservative types can buy every $1 down. I’d start from a peak of $5, $8, or $10, again, depending on aggression levels. The more conservative investor would limit their highest buy to $5, and the more aggressive one to $10.
  9. Thunder Down Under! Please click here now: (Australia stock exchange). If YOU don’t have access to the aussie market, maybe it’s time to get access!
  10. Please click here now: Kingsgate has a new CE0, and the stock has been on a tear since this former business developer for Anglo Ashanti has arrived on the scene. They’re pulling about 200,000 ounces out of the ground a year, and with Greg in charge, the bull era future is pretty bright.
  11. I told you emphatically in 2014 that 2015 would be the year that “gold stocks rock”. A lot of Western gold gurus always say gold stocks will rock, and of course they mean because the system will blow up, and gold will go vertical, for ever and ever.
  12. In contrast, I told you that gold stocks would rock, and particularly junior gold stocks, while the US dollar rallied, gold went nowhere or to a new low, and while Janet prepared to hike rates, and then hiked them. All but one of those things, the actual rate hike, as has already occurred.
  13. I had high hope for gold guru Rambus, when he started presenting himself to the gold community. That’s because he had actually read Edwards & Magee meticulously. Unfortunately, he ignores volume, and he has shown himself to view gold as a casino chip. He thinks charts are more important than fundamentals (madness).   He’s imploded in 2015 because of his gambling obsession, his refusal to embrace gold as the ultimate asset, and from a technical standpoint, because he ignores one of the two most important parts of the Edwards & Magee handbook: (The other is massive HSR).
  14. So YOU don’t end up imploded, like he is, please click here now: Guyana Gold surged higher yesterday on the price grid, while gold oozed lower like a rancid wet noodle!
  15. Look at the drop-dead gorgeous volume bar!
  16. Is that really a breakout? Well, I don’t believe that actually matters, and please click here now:
  17. That’s a longer term daily chart look at Guyana. Like a number of Chinese jeweller stocks, Guyana bottomed in the summer of 2013. Applying bull and bear labels to gold is not a simple task.
  18. Currently, in the Western gold stocks community, wearing an “It’s a bear market!” lapel pin is the “in thing”. It’s essentially a club membership pin. If you look at the back of the pin, it says, “lifetime market loser, stupid crackhead, and bankster mark” on it.
  19. My suggestion: Look in the mirror. If you see that lapel pin on your shirt or jacket, rip it off, and throw it in the garbage. Gold can be confiscated, revalued, and manipulated.
  20. There bull and bear markets, and bull and bear eras. Being too quick to define a movement in gold as one of those things can turn you into a lifetime market loser pretty quickly. Guyana has been in an uptrend since July of 2013.
  21. Is it in a bull market, a bear market, a bull era, a bull era, or something else? Well, first worry about your pgen to zero, and then play label sticker boy or girl. Marines carry pgen machine guns to zero in the junior gold stocks arena, not label sticker pop guns. Are YOU a marine?
  22. Please click here now: That’s the daily chart of another blast of thunder from down under, EVN.ASX, Evolution Mining!
  23. Is there a bull flag in play? Maybe, but there is a pgen to zero in play, for those who want to handle risk professionally, and handle reward wearing a bull era party hat!
  24. I like 10 cent buy increments for conservative investors. Aggressive players can take action every 5 cents down or even run range pgens every 1 cent down, for maximum bull era fun!
  25. Gridtime! Kudos to concrete factory owner, and reformed parabola demander gold guru Morris Hubbartt. He was famous, and then infamous, for his gold price “super highway” chart, which turned into a flaming wreck, when he lost touch with his volume analysis, and focused on QE propaganda from the banksters. He’s back with a volume-oriented focus on all the GDXJ stocks now, and making some decent calls. When you stray from your roots, you tend to burn. My gold stock roots are the pgen to zero, so I laugh while all the bulls and bears take turns in the incinerator. Whether you are bullish or bearish, you can’t take on a Graceland Juniors Marine who is armed with a pgen to zero machine gun, and expect to win, no matter how great an analyst in your own mind you are. On that note, please click here now: Just a few days before Max Risk component Geomega imploded, I highlighted it, and suggested that shareholders in it move some capital to Lydian (LYD.TO) PGEN marines can move lightly back onto the Geomega buy. Tactics? Use 4 or 5 cents increments pgen, with some 1 cent increments range pgens around round numbers .20 and .10….



Kirk Jr. on the gold explorers bridge, out!




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