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Juniors Written Update JWU.

(Pronounced “Jaywoo”)


Mar 6, 2015




  1. Gold Bicep asks you to please click here now:
  2. The banks are buyers of gold here. They are not sellers.
  3. How many gold gurus really understand this fact?
  4. To make sure YOU understand it, please click here now:
  5. In regards to the Andrew Maguire piece on KWN that a number of you sent me, I think that’s the best piece he’s ever done, better than all the rest combined.
  6. Having said that, the banksters can write gigantic paper gold to fizz gold derivatives, to easily counter his fizz to paper ones.
  7. The solution to banksterism in the global market is twofold, and only twofold: First, it’s the slow grind of Chindia’s citizens marching forwards to buy ever more gold from your mines.
  8. Second, it’s the arrival of Chinese entities in global gold exchanges, starting with the LBMA. The Chinese need to take a similar role in the crimex/comex.
  9. I don’t care how many jobs are added, OR SUBTRACTED, in an official monthly US employment report. The idea that gold should move $50 based on an American jobs report, either up or down, is…. complete insanity.
  10. A $5 move is reasonable. $50, up or down, is a leveraged market bankster scam that has nothing to do with supply or demand.
  11. If you can’t move real tonnage, in or out of gold, yes, in or out of gold, then you shouldn’t be seriously affecting price discovery. It’s that simple.
  12. Please click here now:
  13. Atna had a decent day, and please click here now: That’s GDXJ. The bulls and the bears have gone blue in the face trying to call “lows are in, and now we go vertical” bottoms, and “massive capitulation coming, this is a bear market!” crashes.
  14. The reality is that Western banksters and Indian mobsters have infected gold and gold stocks, and the citizens are battling back. There is no bull or bear market in gold or gold stocks. There is a transition from a fear trade era to a love trade era.
  15. That’s why both the bulls and the bears keep getting gold 100{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} wrong, whether they are bank econs, gold gurus, or mainstream analysts.
  16. Please click here now:
  18. Next, and most importantly of all, please click here now:
  19. Unfortunately for you, but also fortunately for you, as China ultimately overwhelms the crimex, the fear trade events that you know and love so well, as drivers of a gold price parabola…
  20. Are headed to the garbage can zone. If you want to know who the most depressed people in the Western gold community are, you can precisely measure the state of their depression by the number of times they use the term “bear market”. They can’t handle the fact that their complete financial failure in the fear trade era is not going to be followed by a “new bull market”.
  21. It’s being followed by the fear trade getting kicked to the curb. By China first, and then in an even bigger way by India, after India either has Arun Jaitley the crook arrested, fired, or retired.  
  22. China is sick and tired, not of low gold prices, but of the garbage fear trade events causing gargantuan swings in the price of gold, both up and down. Gold is the world’s most stable asset, which is why it’s the ultimate asset, but mobsters, banksters, and Gmen have infiltrated the market and turned it into a giant yo-yo of price volatility, to enrich themselves, and rip off the citizens. These scumbags are a complete disgrace to gold, and to morality itself.
  23. The banksters got to Narendra Modi through Arun Jaitley the crook, and they can get to Apple too. The latest rumour is that the gold watch will be priced at $17,000. To pay $17,000 for 1 -2 ounces of gold (or less) for a watch that does the exact same thing the $500 one does… is insane.
  24. The only reason to price the gold watch above $5000 is to reduce the amount of gold required for the watch sales, to stop any rise in the price of gold. There is no other reason to price that watch above $5000.
  25. Gridtime! China is on the move. Because repetition of basic tasks is the hallmark of excellence, and wealth building, please click here now: I’ve told you before that Chinese or Indian demand alone can overwhelm mine supply. The mafia failed in China, but have temporarily succeeded in India. Gold Bicep has surmised that the Western banksters engineered the dollar rally to slow the dedollarization taking place in the East, led by China. Andrew Maguire is dead wrong that any “event” will end banksterism. The current bankster monetization scam in India is an attempt to counter the Chinese takeover of price discovery on the LBMA. China will win, but the victory won’t look like the gold community thinks it will look like. China wants the fear trade out of gold. Period. America can burn to the ground, and you’ll find the gold price does very little, as it burns, if China has taken complete control of global price discovery. Gold price discovery in the bull era, will depend on the demand versus supply of Indian and Chinese jewellery buyers, and on nothing else. The good news, for you and your mines, is that still means a price that is thousands of dollars above where it is now. China is ready to march hand in hand with your mines into the gold bull era, but the bigger question is: Are YOU ready too?


Kirk Jr. on the gold explorers bridge, out!




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