Juniors PGEN Marines Update (JMU).


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E&M: Edwards & Magee, Technical Analysis Stock Trends book authors.

HSR = Horizontal Support/Resistance

TSR = Trend Line Support/Resistance

MSI = Main Street Inflation.

CSI = Creep State Inflation (Stocks, Bonds, Houses).

PGEN: Pyramid Generator (Systematic Capital Allocation)

US Stock Market Crash Season:  Aug 1 - Oct 31.

Gold’s International Anthem:

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Gold stocks.  The bull era safe haven.  Are YOU onside? 


Junior PGEN Marines Quickdate 



March 6, 2021      


  1. Please click here now: The CDNX finally had an actual correct instead of just “up, up, and away” or brief sideways consolidation.
  2. Is the reaction over? If so, should YOU buy?  If it’s likely not over, should YOU buy anyways?
  3. Momentum players can buy, with a mental stop under Friday’s low.
  4. Value/PGEN/HSR Marines should take note of the buy-side HSR down at 760, and…
  5. Please click here now: Whether it’s rare earths or yellow cakes without engine brakes…
  6. I’ve encourage junior pgen marines not just to stare at gold/silver, and to look at other items that are at different stages of their cyclical reality.
  7. For REMX, a pullback here is likely only the end of the “easy money” (not easy emotionally because you have to buy in a gulag to get a four bagger of sustained wealth)…
  8. A move above $100 for REMX likely ends phase one of the upcycle, and begins the more institutionally-bought phase, but with less total gains than the “out of the gulag barn door go the horses” phase one move.
  9. Next, please click here now: It makes sense that Queen Gold would be interested in another “Royal” asset.
  10. Does helium make the cut? Well, one of you who highlighted graphite early in the graphite game suggests that helium, while up a lot from the low, may be something to look at.
  11. My mantra, 100{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} of the time, is that no price is too high to buy, if you own none of the asset.
  12. Likewise, all prices are too high to buy if a drawdown after you buy turns you into emotional smelly jelly.
  13. We don’t need rancid HSR via PGEN marines on the bull era starship deck, and to be sure that doesn’t happen…
  14. Please click here now: Here’s a rough look at the monthly chart.
  15. Next, please click here now: From the “it’s all over” half a cent a share gulag lows, Royal Hellium has become Royal Helium for those who faced the gulag music and bought anyways.
  16. It’s a 150 bagger from those lows!!!!!!!!!!
  17. You can’t recreate the past, but you shouldn’t try to do that either.
  18. Gridtime! Tactics for right here, right now?  Well, first of all, you don’t have to buy it at all, and I’m not “recommending” that you do… I try to lay out different investments, and some are highly recommended, but that’s mainly relating to handling numerous asset classes via HSR and PGEN.  I’m interested in highlighting various individual stocks, with buy and sell tactics for those interested in them, but I’m not adamant that anyone should own any particular stock.  Maybe helium is for you, maybe it isn’t.  Maybe it bears further investigation.  For those who do like it, my suggestion, here, would be to consider a $1 to zero pgen approach.  Allocate some capital on 5 cent and 10 cent dips, and pre-set your total capital you would allocate in that entire $1 to zero zone. Please click here now: Stoploss enthusiasts can look at a stop under the 55 cent lows.  From an HSR action perspective, $1 is sell-side, 80-86cents is also sell-side, and 58, 24 and 1 cent are buy-side.  Rare earths, lithium, uranium, oil/gas, base metals, helium, and… it doesn’t end here; more sectors are going to join the inflation cycle upside fun in the gold bull era sun.  Some of them will be hundred baggers too.  Have a super evening.  Thanks!



Kirk Jr. on the gold explorers starship bridge, out! 





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