Sep 6-7, 2013


1.    The jobs report came out, as you all know.  If these “revised” July numbers came out for July of 2012, there would have been screams for QE increase. 

2.   Instead, you’re greeted with a Goldman “taper anyways, anything to smash gold, just smash it now!” call that the Fed must taper in September, regardless of how all-horrific the jobs numbers are.

3.   What can I say?  The gold market scene is surreal, and features the following: Indians handcuffed by Gmen, taper caper freaks (TCFs) screaming, “Who cares what the labor force participation rate is, it’s a super-boom, sell all gold now, and buy high tech stocks with leverage!”…  and… the icing on the fiat cake… the President of the United Remnants Of Liberty, Barack Obama, near-openly embracing Al Queda crews, while claiming he’s waging a war on terror. 

4.   Is this real life, or are you all part of a giant horror movie?  I’m not sure, but to view what may be President Obama at his next presidential inauguration, please click here now.

5.   Can the madness get any more horrific?

6.    Yes, it can.  In the minds of the chimps, their wealth transfer show needs to be headquartered in Asia now.  Not America. 

7.    So, who is taking delivery of all the gold in Shanghai?  Whoever the banksters want to take delivery of it, that’s who.

8.    Let’s switch TV channels now, from the horror movie, to the get richer show, starring you.  Please click here now.

9.    That’s the daily chart for GDXJ.  The stokeillator is down to 35.  That’s preety good.  Another day or two of downside price action would likely put it at 20 or lower.

10.              It may not even get a chance to go down there, and I’ll show you why in a minute.  In the meantime, note the ultra-bullish volume pattern on the decline from $54.

11.              Volume is dropping as price drops.  That’s bullish action, not bearish action, unknown to all the teckies who think price is more important than volume in technical analysis.  

12.              Price is important.  Is it more important than volume?  No.  Price and volume are equally important in technical analysis. 

13.              Any technician who doesn’t follow volume on a daily basis is just asking to eventually blow up.  Don’t beg for a bankster beating by ignoring volume, or you’ll certainly get one.

14.              While all the bullish technicians wait for a “second right shoulder” to appear on their junior gold stock charts, and all the bears, even more stupidly, imagine that gold stocks can decline, without a Lehman style derivatives event, just like they did in 2008 now, to create a magical symmetrical picture on the charts to make their technical analysis fantasies come true, I’ll instead ask you to please click here now.

15.              GDXJ may have already completed a pullback to a “green machine” neckline, and volume suggests this is very possible indeed. 

16.              After a dwindling-volume decline from $54 into buy-side HSR at $45, there was a volume-spike day, featuring wild depression, fear, and selling in the gold community, by lobotomized top callers. 

17.              Many idiots actually shorted right there, totally oblivious to the panic volume that they themselves were creating, and GDXJ then rose yesterday, on increased volume.

18.              The 61{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} fib line of the entire 2012-2013 decline sits in the $60 area, and GDXJ seems ready, willing, and able, to surge into that wall of paper, like a golden bull in a fiat china shop!

19.              Note the 1.5 million share day on Thursday.  That was the panic day.  Just a move to $60, from $45, is a thirty percent gain.

20.              It’s all-critical that junior gold stock investors are in ready-to-ride mode!  The teckies walking around in “I’m pwredicting new lows!” mode now, are volume-oblivious morons. 

21.              Obviously, anything is possible, and my GDXJ pgen-to-zero goes into true hyper-drive, on the buy side, if the $32 area lows do get blown out, but I’m very open to the possibility of gold bullion blowing out the $1180 lows, while GDXJ does not.  Are YOU?

22.              There are some junior gold stocks that look like the correction from GDXJ $54 never existed.  They look like they are saying, “hey, what are you waiting for, get up here, the party is on!”

23.               That’s not the type of action that usually occurs before a fresh decline.

24.              All silver champions please… click here now.  Remember the 3rd touching of monster HSR at $1577 gold, when I predicted the “triangularization of gold”, and then it really happened; gold morphed into a myriad of ever-larger triangles while the weeble wobble patrol bought nothing, and then gold surged straight to $1800, where the weebles bought large?  I remember. 

25.              Report Card Day!  In a small way, silver may be putting on a “drifting rectangularization” show, for you.  One rectangle may be morphing into a bigger one, and then an even bigger one.  Don’t be overly sure that the sell-side HSR at $26 on the weekly charts will be the end of the ride for silver.  Gold runs the silver show, not silver.   Gold’s big weekly chart HSR sits at $1523, and if it surges there, are you really sure silver is going to be stopped at $26, while gold blasts higher, day after day?  I’m not so sure that the top callers have eaten enough pain, despite a $250 super-surge in the gold price from the $1180 lows. In today’s GU, with kudos to super-sub Dr Passion, you’ll understand why the price of corn is much more related to the price of your gold stocks than most of the mini minds in the gold community understand, and you’ll understand why it’s going to help drive GDXJ through one HSR zone of fiat bug vermin after another, on the upside, like a jet-powered canister of Golden RAID.  





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