Sep 25, 2013


1.   I’d like to get-jet the JWU back to a daily item. Writing 50,000 times a week about a .0001{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} movement in a gulag-imprisoned 3 cent junior gold company share isn’t the goal of the JWU, any more than a “juniors to zero” or “juniors to infinity” rant-chant is the goal.

2.   I think I can provide more detail on each of the stocks in the GoldLion portfolios if I tackle one portfolio each day.

3.   In the meantime, please click here now.  Double-click to enlarge.

4.   When a gold bullion punk tries to take on a juniors gold stock man, well, I’ll dare to suggest that chart picture tells a thousand words of the possible punishment in store for the arrogant punk.

5.    There’s no question that the chimp attack going into today’s GDX close opens the door to a short term beat-down on junior gold stocks, but my view is that attack, if it even happens, is likely to be a bit scary, but not long in time.

6.   Note the position of the oscillators on that chart, and note the 35.19 right shoulder high.  Gold is in a rough spot here, against junior gold stocks.

7.   Ben Bernanke saved the housing market barometer, XHB-nyse, from h&s top implosion, with his no taper-caper announcement, but can he save gold bullion from a similar implosion against gold stocks?

8.   35.19 defines the answer, and for now at least, the answer is unknown.

9.   Regardless of whatever short term life the gold doctors pump into the bullion body, a tankshow to 21.64 seems to be in the cards.

10.      Attention all pinheads, please click here now.  Thanks.  That’s what all the bears see when they get out of bed and stare at the silver stocks ETF chart. 

11.      It’s what they see in the morning.  It’s what they see at dinner.  And, it’s what they see when they stagger out of bed in the night to stare at the silver futures price, to see if their pipedream of silver stocks to zero is still intact, or whether they’ve been exterminated by the chimps in the night.

12.      I see what the bearish pinheads see.  But what else do I see?

13.      For the power chart answer, please click here now.  That’s what else I see.  When you just join a crowd led by a guru screaming how terrified he is of lower prices, so he’s betting on them, I’ll dare to suggest you might not be scheduled to build… a whole lotta wealth.  N’est Pas?

14.      There are numerous bullish technical scenarios that are just as viable as the h&s top on the gold stock charts that every terrified mini mind sees. 

15.      Note the volume pattern.  It’s changed from outright bearish to possibly-bullish. 

16.      Where is the increasing volume on sell-offs now?  Answer: It’s almost disappeared.

17.      That blue demand line at least as valid, technically, as the h&s neckline of personal terror that every bear has drawn on the gold and silver stock charts.

18.      Is it possible that the chimps pump price higher in the short term, stunning the bears, and then take it down below the real line that matters, that blue demand line?  Yes, it’s very possible, but the big question is, what happens to YOU, if that’s what the chimps do?

19.      I told you that the re-invigoration of the Indian gold buyer is not something to be taken lightly.

20.      Likewise, the horrific mortgage market forecasts for 2014 should not be taken as a sign that the Fed is as stupid as the taper caper cheerleaders in the media are.

21.      Let’s take a moment now, and give a standing ovation to all the 6 year old gold stock bears who passed grade 1 of the Edwards & Magee Technical Analysis school.  Thanks.

22.      To graduate to Grade 2, or perhaps to Grade 200, please click here now.  Thanks.

23.      While some lip service needs to be paid to those bears who don’t understand India, and to those who think the Fed tapers when mortgage origination tanks, I’ll remind you that the euro is in real bull flag mode.

24.      The chimps might destroy the euro flag, and only they can do so effortlessly.  They might smash the T-bond rally.  They might order Ben the Flunky Man to taper while mortgage origination implodes.  They might blow GDXJ and SIL underneath the real demand lines that matter, that I showed you today, rather than below the hilarious h&s top pattern lines that they painted for the world’s dumbest bears to gawk at.  They might even reverse themselves on the 80-20 gold import rule in India.


Gridtime!  All of these bearish actions by the chimps are possible, but how likely are they?   Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack don’t overstay your welcome, on the gold bear candlestick?   





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