Sep 18, 2013


1.    Want to keep this brief, for many reasons.   

2.    First, two computers imploded on me today. 

3.   Second, I’m racing to prepare for early AM flight to Bermuda.

4.   Third, dealing with enormous family medical emergency.

5.   Fourth, and the only one that should interest YOU:

6.   I consider it the lowest form of manners, to engage in excessive torture of the totally failed bears.

7.   Some torture is understandable, and there is a rumour that I once may have engaged in it myself, just once though….

8.   If we discuss their eyeballs burning, some of them beating their computers, and then their wives, as their hilarious bets against Queen Gold, and against her junior gold stock super-soldiers that you are invested in… some laughter, as the bearish bozos burn, is understandable.

9.   What is not acceptable at all, is to engage in excessive torture of these totally failed human beings, and I simply won’t stand for it.  Well, I woudn’t stand for it, if I could get off the floor where I’m rolling around now, in uncontrollable laughter.

10.              Chimp Scam #100,000 is now in the history books, and only they know how much junior stock they bought into yesterday’s lows, and…

11.              Only YOU know how much of that stock YOU bought into the lows.

12.              My cash registers almost exploded this afternoon, they were ringing so hard and heavy.

13.              Let’s not get overly cocky here however.  It looks like the HSBC algo traders led the way on this scam, and their “up to $1500 we go” call needed to be respected, when they made it as gold sunk into the low $1300 area.

14.              The shorty pants idiot patrol who bet against the world’s greatest oscillator (my stokeillator) are faced with an even worse situation tomorrow AM, amongst a sea of margin calls.

15.              To get immensely richer, rather than immensely stupider, please click here now.  That’s the daily GDXJ chart, with monster volume, and….. look at my stokeillator!!!

16.              No professional leveraged trader goes into a Fed report of this kind of importance holding short positions, and most hold NONE.  For all my trading services, I was 100{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} flat.  Anyone caught short of any kind of savvy dumped and went long.

17.              I’m truly stunned by the number of pure technical analysts, BOTH BULL AND BEAR, who continue to waltz into ultra-key fundamental days like this FOMC day, drawing their stupid chart scenarios while NOT EVEN MENTIONING THE FOMC. 

18.              The bankster-chimps regards these certified amoebas as grade A bananas, ready for eating, and the question is, when YOU look in the mirror, do you see a man being peeled?

19.              This kind of monster move can be followed by a sea of margin calls on the shorts, and create numerous days of insane upside action.  Are you prepared?

20.              The next party time sell area, for YOU, is $1425.  Prepare now, to watch 500,000 price chasing amoebas race forwards to analyze gold higher, while you enter your sell orders.

21.              I’ll follow this up with some key individual junior stock videos tomorrow am, and when I get to Bermuda, to get me richer, and to get you richest.

22.              Look back at what I wrote here. How many million times have I told you to analyse gold higher when it falls, and ring your cash register on days like today?

23.              Today is not a day to analyse anything, other than how many times your cash register rang.  Let’s hope many of you understand the wisdom that rests between these lines.

24.              When I sold that big whack of silver bullion for silver stocks yesterday, why do you think I did that?


Gridtime!  The reason I did that is…. To get richer!  And the only question today for you is…. Does it look like I succeeded?  This minor trend move can go way way higher…. And then be followed by a blowout of gold $1180.  Keep that in mind.  Thanks.





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