Oct 9, 2013


  1. Some congratulations to the chimps are probably in order today, as they managed to entertain themselves, by totally demoralizing both the bulls and bears in the gold community.

  2. At today's lows, the bears were predicting free money forever, and the bulls were claiming they had to sell, because the Dow would soar as the US govt defaulted, because CNBC promises that as gospel fact.

  3. As gold stocks reversed and went higher today, the bulls immediately announced targets of 100k for gold, and the bears booked huge losses, while the banksters “bookied” gains.

  4. Both gold community super-bull and super-bear “entities” need to be locked in an asylum, and here's why: Let's pretend that YOU want to be a gold community cheerleader.

  5. After calling 457,000 bottoms that all went wrong, you announce that today's reversal proves that gold is going to $3000.

  6. Need I say more? Gold's reversal proves that the bankster chimps executed the bears who bragged that gold had a $200 price tag number on it, and executed them...today.

  7. That's all that today's gold reversal proves.

  8. I've talked about the seriousness of the debt default deadline of Oct 17. Many Dow haters who were wildly short the Dow at the lows of 2008-2009 are now bragging that the Dow must surely blast higher.

  9. If you bought the Dow, bigtime, in 1998-1999 with leverage, and blew it out into the Bin Laden lows of 2002-2003, do you really believe you are “way ahead of the gold community”, because you re-bought the Dow in the summer of 2013?

  10. The gold community, here and now, is staring at 2 year comparison charts, comparing the action of the Dow over the past 24 months to the action of gold stocks.

  11. When I bought the Dow in the 8000-6500 range in 2008-2009k, and sold the Dow stocks I bought, 6 months later for 100{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} total gains, do you think I care now, what some moron says about what he missed out on the Dow, because he price-chased gold stocks in 2011, while bailing on Dow shorts then?

  12. Possible Answer: No, I don't care what the moron missed out on. I told the gold community.... at the lows of Dow 6500, that if the system didn't close down, that the Dow was probably headed to 20,000 or even 30,000, and the question is:

  13. Who Listened?

  14. Answer: Not those dictating to me now, how the Dow is a super-buy, while it's 6 days away from TD (TREASURY DEFAULT) day!

  15. Dr. Passion has possibly suggested that I recruit the top options players in the gold community, and I've contacted certain members of the Norcini clan, in that regard. Members that I know and trust.

  16. Janet Yellen, the gold community's special pal, celebrated her inauguration as new Fed Witch Broom Rider, with a nice beat-down on gold, and a CNBC bull-dollar call, based on her appointment as chief bankster broom rider.

  17. I've told you that the Asian central banks are gangster organizations. I wonder what the Western central banks are?

  18. Try a “10,00 times more criminal than the Asian bankster scum” hat on for size.

  19. Janet Yellen promised she's the gold community's super-pal.

  20. Based on today's gold price action, the question is... do YOU believe her?

  21. Here's what I believe: The Indian citizens are your super-pals. The Chinese citizens are your super-pals. The Japanese citizens are your super-pals.

  22. And.. the Western world citizens that hold little to zero debt are your super-pals.

  23. Do YOU see Janet “gimme a Pinocchio nose too!” Yellen in my list of gold buying superstars? I don't.

  24. You've been told by most analysts in the gold community that Janet is your superhero. I say your superheroes are the citizens of nations under their central bank jackboot, and my question to America is: What would your founding fathers tell you, here and now... would they cheer on the gold community's superhero, Janet Yellen?


  1. Gridtime! While CNBC calls the inauguration of Janet |Smellen a USD buy signal, I can't wait for my next call with another big mike-ro-soft engineer in India. From what I can tell, Bill Gates and his crew pay the average software engineer in India about $15,000 a year, to work the night shift. I think they should demand to be paid in gold, with CP Chidambaram crawling on his knees to hand them their paycheck. Hi ho, hi ho, it's on to October 17, the gold community that shorted the Dow at 8000, now does go?





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