Oct 5, 2013


  1. The fight for freedom, and the fight to get richer, are two fights that need to be compartmentalized.

  2. It's far too easy to justify a price chase of junior gold stocks with a Gman rip off of your freedoms.

  3. Almost hourly, the American Gman works hard to rip off more of your freedoms, and he's generally successful in his efforts.

  4. America still has more freedom than China does, a lot more, in an absolute sense. In a “trend sense”, China is adding freedom, and America is taking it away.

  5. I would argue that China has developed to the degree that it has over the past few decades because of “closet capitalism”, not because of some “elite master plan” operated by Chinese Gmen who are commie rat scum.

  6. Once the door was opened for people to own things and get paid for what they do, it created a surge in action by the closet capitalists.

  7. As an empire gets into trouble, like the US is in trouble now, gold becomes “hot”, but it can be years or even many decades before an empire's paper currency totally collapses, from the point where it apparently... “surely must collapse”.

  8. A lot of junior gold stock investors became totally demoralized after the “imminent implosion of the dollar and the US Gman” never happened.

  9. The terror of bail-ins is probably akin to the terror of a new tax. It seems impossible that the Gman would enact a bank account tax, but he's applied his milking machine to every financial nipple on the American cow, except that one, so it should come a now surprise.

  10. It probably starts at 1{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9}, and perhaps it's excempt or limited, if funds are held in T-bills or T-bonds to maturity. The mark to model accounting gamechanging event of 2008-2009 means that a “shock bail in” is highly unlikely, but a vampire-like ongoing bloodsucking tax is very likely to happen.

  11. I don't think that fear of bail ins are a good reason to blow out your entire bank accounts. They are a good reason to carry some physical gold outside of the banking system as insurance.

  12. In regards to hobby farms: Most of the professional farmers I know are very heavily armed, and extremely accomplished hunters.

  13. Regardless, their view is that in a system melt-down, they wouldn't stand a chance against the hordes of starving city dwellers that would charge out in the country side to attack farmers to get food.

  14. Their view is a wise view. A lot of gold writers are pumping the idea that mom & pop hobby farmers will be AOK in a system blowout scenario, when the reality is they are more likely to be the prime targets, for rape, robbery, and murder, by gargantuan armed gangs pouring out of the cities.

  15. My view, luckily for team hobby farm, is that no system blowout is coming, but vastly higher prices are coming, and some modest level of urban tension is possible, as that happens. The hobby farmer should be a winner, because his food will be cheaper to produce than food the city dweller is forced to buy.

  16. Temporary grocery store shortages were very likely in October 2008, if QE hadn't occurred, but again, mark to model accounting (a form of money printing) has made system dilution, not system shutdown, the most likely main theme in the coming years for America.

  17. It's very important for investors not to confuse the beat-up position of the gold stocks as meaning that the super-crisis is over in America. The super-crisis is not over, but the kind of demand that will take and hold your gold stocks vastly higher is not here now in this “lull” phase of the super-crisis.

  18. Also, it's important not to confuse the 800 ton “super-bid” of Indian citizens with the level of demand they are consistently bringing to the table, even without the attacks of mobster Chidambaram. The current level of Chindian demand is solid and growing, but it's nowhere near the level required to produce the prices you all rightfully deserve on your gold stocks. The Chindian demand that will do that is probably 3-4 years away.

  19. The bottom gold demand line: The super-crisis is in a lull phase, and the super-bull is in a beginning and restricted phase. Patience is required to deal with several more years of bankster games that will occur during the lull/beginning period.

  20. Let's move from the freedom fighting arena, into the get richer arena. To do so, please click here now. That's a short term GDXJ chart, using daily bars. On the negative side of things, note the increased volume during Friday's trading.

  21. On the positive side, the decline that followed my late August warning sell, and then Rich “the ace” Coppleson's sell signal, for gold stocks, has begun to exhibit some bull wedge action.

  22. Unfortunately, the “no taper caper” one day wonder rally is all the bulls have had on the price appreciation frontier, since the late August highs. Overall, the bulls have the slight edge on the volume front.

  23. The stokeillator gives a slight edge to the bulls, because even though it's currently wallowing like a pig stuck in the mud, it's still under 20, and it's just a matter of time before it launches a cyclical rise to the 80 zone.

  24. Please click here now. That's a little longer term look at GDXJ. Friday was obviously a very disappointing day, but don't let those emotions confuse the big picture. The early July lows near $35 are intact, and price is siting on two trend line lines of demand. Also, the stokeillator looks like less of a wet noodle in this bigger picture, and it's refused to confirm the recent days of lower prices. The bottom line is the parabola demanders and the crash demanders are both likely to be very disappointed over the next 18 months, but prices are likely to trend higher during that timeframe. Some failed penny stock traders think if they book 90{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} losses now, they can magically buy into the nexgt parabolic move higher, and that time free money will be theirs. That won't happen. They'll buy just when all logic dictates that price can't crash, and then it will crash.

  25. Report Card Day. I'm trying sending this via microsoft server (Big Mike) send. The font should be more readable than with the other sends. A couple of you sent me GEAB updates showing their view that the US markets tank in 2014. As you know, I've highlighted the dire technical state of the Dow, but keep in mind that I've simply said that the risk of being in the Dow is higher than being out of it. Expressing worry about junior gold stocks that are down 70 to 95{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} is a waste of time, and not just because of the drawdowns. In a situation where the Dow does tank, Ben is likel to increase QE, and create quite a spike in gold, and thus in gold stocks. In a situation where the US economy muddles on for another 18 months, I think gold stocks could begin rising while gold itself drifts sideways to lower!





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