Oct 15, 2013




  1. Thank goodness the Fed drivel show is over.

  2. The entire Western ETF holdings total only about 4000 tons. There's bits of gold in the comex warehouses, and a few bits more in other Western world vaults.

  3. Tiny amounts of gold flowing in the West around the taper caper are moving the gold price up and down in a material way.

  4. That's disgusting.

  5. I look forwards to the day when Ben makes a grand statement, bullish or bearish, and gold barely moves, up or down.

  6. The coming irrelevance of the West to the gold price will be the single greatest event to ever happen to the gold market.

  7. The very idea that a bunch of Western investor ants with gold holdings that are a microscopic fraction of what is held in India can move the gold price in a material way is absolutely ridiculous, and this all-ridiculous joke will come to an end.

  8. Sadly, or somewhat hilariously, that end isn't today. Still, if I heard one more lobotomized super-bull pimp grandstand his Pluto dollar-obsessed price targets for gold, while MSM bear scum spewed their bearish taper caper crap today, I think I would have thrown up uncontrollably.

  9. Luckily, I went to the gym while Ben spoke, so I remained partially sane, while MSM super-bears and gold community parabola demanders took turns drawing arrows to zero, and arrows to infinity, on the gold chart.

  10. The MSM Super-Bear/Gold Community Super-Bull comedy team (both on heroin, which is somewhat funny, perhaps) almost mentioned the Indian and Chinese citizen gold stability buyers today, but then they failed again. Oh well, tomorrow is a new day.

  11. As gold tanks into the night, via an Oct 30 bankster scam game # 458,931,323, tonight, perhaps YOU become one of the few, the proud, the PGEN marines, who stand up and say, “I'm not going to take this Western minnow wagging an Indian Killer Gold Whale Fin crap anymore. Sign me up for low volatility & steadily rising Chindian gold prices, for the next 30 years., and sign me up now. Thanks!”

  12. In the meantime, to stay technically real, please click here now. That's the Barrick weekly chart, and many technicians have eagerly noted the h&s bottom.

  13. Per Edwards and Magee, volume should increase on the rally from the head to the high before the drop to the right shoulder, but it absolutely must increase on the rally from the right shoulder low to the breakout through the neckline.

  14. In the case of a h&s bottom, which is what this is, volume must increase on the upside penetration of the neckline.

  15. Obviously, you cheer for an upside breakout, and one that is accompanied by heavy volume on the daily chart, as it happens.

  16. Please click here now.

  17. So far, volume is “per Edwards & Magee specifications” on this daily ABX chart. Today's volume was textbook, and superb.

  18. To view an even more bullish h&s breakout chart, I'd like you all to please click here now.

  19. Well, ok, I lied. That's Newmont Mining, the world's largest mining company, and no, price has not risen above the key highs of $31.12 or $34, and yes, it did go to a new low recently.

  20. So, the world's largest mining company promises to go higher, while it goes lower. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  21. Gold stocks need to start taking out the highs of the year 2003 and 2004, rather than getting analysed higher, and Newmont is front and centre on that frontier.

  22. If gold hits $3000 by Jim Sinclair's 2016 time target, how many of you would consider this song to be your emancipation from the gulag theme song? (note the colour of the lead man's shirt, and please, click here now.) Golden Satisfaction? Maybe you let him know, in 2016, that you got your satisfaction?

  23. Gridtime! Let's hope that Barrick is not getting taken over by a base metals major, but instead let's hope that the Barrick action is a bottom. Pain?










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