Oct 2, 2013


  1. Email mass-send services seem to be determined to allow maximum spam, while restricting those who pay for a service, to get it legitimateely.

  2. Some of the mass-send sevices I use have begun to implement pretty hardcore regulations, in that regard.

  3. Unfortunately, those regulations favour the spammers.

  4. I won, buying the Dow into 6500, and buying junior gold stocks into GDX $15 at the time, and I intend in an equally interesting way, with this fight.

  5. Chairman Bernanke gave only opening remarks on conference issues and did not comment on monetary policy. There was no Q&A.”

  6. Dr. Pinocchio is the utimate yellow-bellie. The government of the United States is shut down, and, as that happens, the head of the American central bank refuses to answer a single question from the population of this country?

  7. I've tried to tell you that this man deserves the death penalty, administered by a real judge, in a real US supreme court, but how many are listening?

  8. He makes a jellyfish look like “Mr. Spine”. Gold is $1312 as I write this sentence, way off today's highs (in case you hadn't noticed).

  9. Please click here now. That's the GDXJ chart, and despite your failure to have Ben Bernanke arrested for crimes against America's poor, GDXJ, and your junior gold stocks, still look fantastic.

  10. You can see there's been no technical damage on this chart.

  11. It gets better. To “power up”, please click here now.

  12. There's a bull-super wedge in play (i've highlighted it in green) on that GDXJ daily chart, and it's something I've been hoping for (but not betting risk capital on the idea of it happening).

  13. I'm not sure how much lower on the morality scale Ben can go, but I want to think one of the most flexible thinkers amongst you, Dr. Passion, for noting the uncanny ability of my stokeillator to pick up chart action charts with 1 year time frames and less.

  14. Look at the stokeillator now. While the bears have rant-chanted your gold stocks to zero, the daily chart stokeillator has actually staged a bullish non-confirmation against price!

  15. The stokeillator is marching higher, while price has oozed lower. Odds are higher, that the stokeillator wins the fight!

  16. Gridtime! Let's kill some bears tomorrow. If you need an extra set of bull horns to gouge, or a bear trap, let me know... i'm right here!






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