Nov 27, 2013


1.    Hi, I’m Ben Bernanke, and I believe that MSM (mainstream media) did a fabulous job of noting that Cypress Gmen had 14 tons of gold to their pathetic name, while India & Chinese citizens were bidding for an average of 200 tons a month”.

2.   Hi, it’s me again, Ben Bernanke, and I’d like to add that when a 14 ton micro entity might sell their micro bit of gold to a vastly bigger entity that is demanding vastly more than the 14 tons offered, well, I believe it’s totally reasonable for the commercial banks to bomb gold $500 lower on the price grid, and for the central banks and Gmen of India and China to legally forbid the citizens from bidding for all that is offered for sale”.

3.   Hi Ben, my name is Andrew Jackson, and I want to compliment you Ben, and all the other vipers like you, on a spectacular speech.  Do you have any other last words, before I string you up on my tree, with a rope around your useless neck?”

4.   At 345am, Bitboy (aka Bitcoin) has tagged $911.  I suspect our little speculative superman will tag $1000 in time for Christmas….. 

5.   $1000 is an interesting marker…On the road to $30,000?  Some of you know a gold enthusiast named Morris Hubbartt.  He’s a pretty tough guy.  He owns a concrete factory, and paid off his first house by the age of 23.  Like most Western-oriented gold analysts, he thought gold was on a “super highway”, headed to prices far up in the sky, based solely on events in America.  Everything that Morris thought would happen to the gold bullion price is….likely to happen to the bitcoin price.  Bitcoin is not priced like the Dow is now, with value players exiting.  It’s probably priced like the Dow was, in 1982.

6.   MtGox is well-known bitcoin exchange, where you can buy and sell bitcoin, but AMERICANS need to be very careful.  The US government has no issue with bitcoin, but it does have an issue with some bitcoin AGENTS & DEALERS, and MtGox is one of them.

7.   Some American clients who bought bitcoins through MtGox have not been able to get their money back.  It’s not that MtGox is a scam.  It’s that the US govt has prevented MtGox from sending wires to American banks.  MtGox is based in Japan, and it can have $100 spreads at times.

8.   US based investors need to look around at different exchanges.  www.coinbase.com is US-based, and worth a peek.  I have a number of bitcoin acnts at different exchanges, to diversify risk, to diversify my party.  Is YOUR speculative party diversified, or concentrated?  Let’s hope it’s not just DILUTED, by gold mining stock director scum, and naked shorted, by hedge fund and bankster scum.

9.   Gold bullion is the ultimate asset, gold mining companies dig the ultimate asset out of the ground.  Is bitcoin the ultimate currency that buys the Graceland Junior Marine more bullion and more mining stock?  The Golden Triangle.  Perhaps the question of the day is: How many sides of the golden triangle… are YOU on?

10.            Please click here now.  That’s a daily close chart of the golden bitmeister, and there’s buy-side HSR at $844, $692, $500, and $250.  Note today’s volume is not “crashing”.  It’s low because it’s 4am, and the day’s trading has barely stared.  Remember that Sir Bitmeister trades 24-7.

11.            A number of GU subs are eagerly enquiring about bitcoin action.  I want to keep the information on the juniors site, since it is a speculation. (Albeit a speculation with constitutional decree limiting supply, and 20,000 bitcoin traders a day signing up for it on just one exchange alone). 

12.            In the meantime, 10,000 American baby boomers a day sign up for retirement handouts from the American Gman.  Hmm, I wonder which currency is more likely to be diluted, the golden bitmeister, or the USD Charmin roll?

13.            To enter the radioactive profits zone, I’d like all junior marines to please click here now.  Double-click to enlarge.  That’s Goldlion’s Paladin, and it blasted 11{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} higher yesterday.  Those running pgens-to-zero on it rang the cash register, but are open to the idea that a bigger move higher is being signalled.

14.            I’ve been very active in uranium recently, and the action of both uranium and cameco suggests something bigger, on the upside, may indeed be getting signalled for your junior yellowcake stocks.

15.            Please click here now.  Double-click to enlarge (your party).  That’s the uranium fund daily chart.  Note the high volume day recently, and the Williams indicator turning down. 

16.            I’ve been an aggressive seller of trading positions into this rally, trading positions that I bought into my personal vomit bag zone.  Just weeks ago, you were all told by various news services that uranium was finished, just in time for the super-rally.

17.            Most gold writers are demoralized, and hiding it.  Many have taken to bragging about how low gold is surely going to on their charts.  I want to talk about “me” for a moment.

18.            I get demoralized and broken watching the gold chart too, but not from the standpoint of an investor.  Even in my most aggressive account, gold stock pgens to zero can’t exceed 40{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} of the acnt; the rest is cash and bullion pgens.  All my investments in gold stocks are via pgen to zero.   I don’t wake up in the night thinking about any investment I have.  I sleep more, not less, when I see the gold community under severe stress. 

19.            I sleep more, not because I think their situation is funny, but because it bothers me, and causes stress in me, and the professional way to manage that stress is not to get less sleep.  It’s to get more sleep.

20.            On that note, yesterday was a particularly brutal day on the price grid, from an emotional standpoint. Today is starting out better, with gold running at $1254 as I write this sentence.

21.            Gold mining companies don’t sell their gold to central banks, at least, not much of it.  Most of it goes to Chindian jewellers.  Ridiculously, most gold analysts focus on everything but that factor, when buying gold stocks.

22.            The fact is that gold stock fundamentals are strengthening, because demand for the product they mine is strengthening.  Does that mean gold stocks are about to go parabolic?  No.  It means that fundamentals are strengthening.  Period.

23.            There are still a modest number of “QE Crackheads” invested in gold.  They believe the Fed can’t taper because America would collapse.  When the banksters pulled the plug on Lehman, did the bankster care what happened to the entire world?  No, so believe me when I tell you that tapering QE is a lot easier action for the banksters to carry out than blowing up Lehman was. 

24.            Do you really think the banksters care about some crackhead’s terror of what happens when they taper?  Technically, when the banksters unhinged gold from $1523 buy-side HSR, the technical target became $1123.  I have no idea if gold goes there, or if the low is in, and I really don’t care. 

25.            Gridtime!  My interest is with fundamentals, and the big gold fundamentals now are not QE tapering, but the Indian national election, Chinese jewellery demand, and Japanese QE.  America’s detonation will come back on stage, to satisfy all the “American Tail Wags Chindian Dog” members of team rotary phone, but it’s not going to be much of a factor.  By the time America comes back into play, it’s possible that American Gmen limit how much gold can be bought by Americans, and it’s possible that Chinese mining companies control most of the gold mining business globally.  Americans probably won’t be able to buy much gold, even if they want to, when the next stage of the American super-crisis unfolds.  I’m not interested in waiting for America to blow, to drive the price of my gold mining stocks higher, but I’m very interested in watching what 300 tons a month of consistent Chindian demand for the fizz does for them, and that’s something realistic, reasonably near-term, and something that puts my head on the pillow, for 8 hours a night. 

Kirk out!





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