Nov 23, 2013


1.   What does the Iran deal mean?

2.   GENEVA -- Secretary of State John Kerry and leaders from five other world powers early Sunday reached a nuclear deal with Iran, following intense negotiations that took place over several days in Geneva.  The deal represents a historic breakthrough in the world's decade-long nuclear standoff with Iran, and in the 35-year-long diplomatic freeze between Iran and the United States.” – CNBC News, Nov 24, 2013

3.   Before I go into that, I’ll mention number of you have noted Trader Dan’s gold bearishness.  Also, some of you thought I was a market “technician”.  I use technical analysis but I’m not a “technician”.  All the stocks chosen on the juniors site are chosen solely by fundamental analysis.

4.   Fundamentals are for big picture analysis, not tactical entry and exit.  That’s where technical like HSR and the PGEN come into play.

5.   Gold stock investing isn’t like investing in other assets, partly because of the “bankster” and “Gman” factors.  Also, because all fiat has gone to zero over time, there’s always a risk when being out of gold as it soars, that you will be out as fiat goes off the board.  That makes gold investing highly emotional.

6.   I believe QE tapering will occur in 2014, and the entire QE program will end by Dec 2014.  In the short term, will that put pressure on gold prices, and will it be accompanied by gold propaganda?  Almost certainly it will.

7.   What will replace QE?  I think the answer is:  BAT.  What is BAT?  Answer:  Bank Account Taxation.  It will start as a “bail-in”. At one of their idiotic G20 or G200 or Gwhatever meetings, the world’s scummiest Gmen will announce the need for a bail in to “once and for all” end the debt crisis. 

8.   Then the good cop/bad cop game begins.  Some Gmen will generously suggest that to make the bail-in less painful, instead of a one-time smack, a series of monthly or annual bail-in payments will be made.

9.   If oil prices fall dramatically, based on the Iran deal, it could bring down the Indian current account quite dramatically, which could open the door to a relaxation of gold import restrictions.

10.            Why am I running a $2000 – 0 pgen on bitcoins?  Why is my next entry point $775, using $25 pgen increments?  Well, the answer is to make my bitcoins investment into a thirty bagger, and I guess the question of the day may be:

11.            Do YOU have any interest, in 30 baggers?

12.            I’ve taken a pretty close look at the bitcoin operation.  Like gold, bit coins are mined.  That’s not a joke.  That’s the term the algo team uses to describe the creation of each bit coin; it’s mined out of cyberspace, using an algorithmic mining machine.

13.            In testimony to the US govt, one lawmaker said he believes bitcoins are safer than credit cards.  Do YOU use a credit card?  I do.

14.            Bitcoin is a high risk speculation.  Bitcoin is mined.  That means it may have a home on…. Graceland Juniors. 

15.            Why does Chinese monster web services company Baidu now accepts bitcoin as payment?  Possible Answer:  To make you richer!

16.            Please click here now. Bitcoin exchanges are open 7 days a week.  24-7 mining.  Also, bitcoin exchanges don’t have bankster scum loaning money to hedge fund vermin to naked short your bitcoins, using a clearinghouse shell game. 

17.            If YOU have bought an OTCBB gold mining stock, you have likely taken at least as much risk as buying a mined bitcoin.  Exchanges typically charge a 1{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} commission on bitcoin trades.

18.            I’m seeing buy-side HSR at $690, $500, and $250 on the bitcoin chart.  The current market cap of bitcoin is about US $10 billion.  My forecast, by 2016, is for the market cap to rise to $200 - $500 billion.  I would not rule out an eventual trillion dollar market cap.

19.            If you buy gold on the NYSE via ETF PGEN, you can buy in small increments.  The same is true on the bitcoin exchanges.

20.            At this point, there is apparently no capital gains tax payable on bitcoin gains against USD, although it is probably coming. 

21.            Some of you may remember a haunting statement I made back in 2008, which is that the power of the global Gman would not be ended by armed revolution. 

22.            The founding fathers argued that the tree of freedom needed to be replenished by revolution.  The tree obviously needs replenishing now, but I’ve argued that TECHNOLOGY is the gun that will make the world’s Gmen obsolete. 

23.            When cars drive themselves, will alcohol tests of drivers be needed?  No.  Rather than crashing to zero, most Gman fiat currencies will just become obsolete, as super-currencies like bitcoin, peercoin, litecoin are mined by algorithmic mining machines.

24.            What about gold?  Well, I told you to get your rear end to the Chindian mindset, or you’d be obsolete too.  Gold is timeless.  Gold is a spiritual and religious asset, and soon a billion Chindians will be using bitcoins to buy it, and the only question is, are YOU onside?  Gold is timeless, unknown to the world’s QE-obsessed walking crackpipes.  Demand for bitcoin jewellery does not exist, and nor will it exist, unless it’s made from gold.

25.            Report Card Day!  Massive gold jewellery storage facilities are being built in Chindia, and they will be filled with thousands of tons of gold that your mining companies explore for, and mine out of the ground.  Team hyperinflation is team dodo bird, and the question is, do you want to hide in a bunker with a dead dodo bird, or do you want to get vastly richer?  On that note perhaps it’s time to say:

26.            Algo Miner Kirk…… out.




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