Nov 21, 2013


1.   For those of you who are juniors-only subscribers, allow Goldlion to bring you up to year 2014 gold stocks speed. 

2.   Please click here now.

3.   That’s a research note from TD Bank.  I’ve suggested that gold could decline in 2014, but gold stocks rise.  Now you see why I’ve suggested that.  Even the bank analysts are shocked with the gains in earnings efficiency (mining stock profitability) that are occurring. 

4.   Gold stocks feel firm to me here.  So does gold.  Gold feels like a spongy floor, not a cliff.

5.   China just announced they have enough forex.  Hmmm, just as Ben the crack dealer stops selling QEcrack to bond and American Dow investors, China announces they have enough US dollars.

6.   That’s big picture positive for gold, and negative for Dow, bonds, dollar.

7.   Some days are tougher than others.  Yesterday gold didn’t move very much, but the emotional side of things was huge.

8.   There’s a reason why God invented iron stomachs, and yesterday was one of those reasons.

9.   When QE is gone (estimated by Dec 2014), Queen Gold will be totally drug-free, and the along with food, she will be the only asset that doesn’t need money printing drugs to rise in price.  Well, I’ll acknowledge that the Chinese Dow and the Indian Dow may do ok as well, in the coming drug-free new era.

10.            Other markets, like the T-bond, the dollar, the American Dow, global real estate.....well, the drug-free future doesn’t look so good for them.  Withdrawal may see them go into a state of ceptic shock…

11.            Where is Queen Gold right now?  Well, as Captain of the gold starship, I decided to beam down a daring team of Chinese and Indian citizen commandos.  They surrounded the Ben & Janet crackhouse, and rescued your Queen, in a daring night time raid.  Queen Gold is resting now, in a secret location where gold community physicians are purging her body of the infamous QEcrack drug.

12.             Famed value investor Jeremy Grantham believes that food prices will “revert to the higher price mean”, without the assistance of the QEcrack drug, and I agree.

13.            The assets that only survive on crack drugs dealt by Ben & Janet are going to implode, as the QE program is tapered and then ended by the banksters. 

14.            The drug-free champions will shine ever-higher as that happens (think food, gold, and junior gold stocks, with the latter performing the best of all).

15.            The idea that the West can outbid China and India for gold, regardless of how much money Ben and Janet print, is ridiculous.  It doesn’t matter if the druglords of the Fed crackhouse end QE, triple it, or leave it as it is, gold is going higher.  Vastly higher. 

16.            I think Narendra Modi should issue an arrest warrant for Ben and Janet.  The charge?  Drug dealing.  There’s a rumour that if he gets into power, Modi is going to have all world gold community citizens tested for the presence of QEcrack drugs, and the only question is:

17.            Are YOU going test clean?

18.            Speaking of drug-free news…. The Titans of Tonnage have resumed gold coin sales.  One of the Gold Starship’s top commanders, Haresh Soni, just gave the word to 18 thousand Indian gold jewellers… to start selling small denom (denomination) gold coins.  Soni is head of India’s jewellery association.

19.            Chidambaram is probably throwing a tantrum right now, and the great news is, 18 thousand superstars almost care.

20.            I keep telling the gold mining community that your biggest problem is going to be how to handle all the drug-free demand for the gold that your companies mine.  I tell you that, because it’s going to be a real problem, and one that YOU will be very glad they have.

21.             Nov 25 is a significant comex options expiry day, because it’s for the December contract. There could be more pressure on the gold price until that time passes.

22.            Please click here now.  GLDX (gold explorers fund) is at a new low.  As captain of the gold star ship, I can confirm that chief engineer Scotty continues to purge the ship’s engines of QEcrackpipes that had clogged the warp drive.   The entire crew is being tested for QEcrack drugs now, and all who tested positive for drugs are being beamed off the ship.  Scotty won’t rest until all the crackpipes have been found and destroyed, and once that’s taken care of, we can begin beaming up 18,000 Indian gold jewellers, since they are who buy the gold your companies explore for. 

23.            Gold shipments to China from Hong Kong fell in August after some Chinese banks used up import quotas..”  -Reuters News, Oct 8, 2013.  I don’t think you’ll be seeing many more of those types of gold demand restriction news reports.  More Chinese banks are getting import licenses.

24.            Gridtime! Here’s some more drug-free gold news: China’s new big oil futures market may be priced in yuan, rather than dollars! 


25.            Kirk out   





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