Nov 15, 2013


1.   Great news!  As Indian iron workers build the Statue Of Unity, which is, literally, twice the height of the Statue Of Safety (was once called Statue Of Liberty, in a time long ago, when perhaps the dinosaurs ruled the earth?)….

2.   I just had a brainstorm!  Maybe President Obama can sell the Statue Of Safety to India, and then use the proceeds to build a Statue Of… Internal Revenue Service!!

3.   This could help to reduce the deficit?

4.   Meantime, all junior silver stock fans may wish to consider…… CLICKING HERE NOW. 

5.   That’s Narendra Modi, actually getting weighed in silver, but gold and diamond fans are all over the place as well.  The press corps get a little over-excited, but it’s silver he’s weighed in.

6.   Maybe President Obama can get weighed alongside Super-Mobster, CP Chidambaram, in Charmin currency?

7.   There’s a lot happening India, to absorb the gold your mines find and produce, but there’s a lot of damage that’s been jointly done by the Western banksters and the Indian Gold Goon Mafia.

8.   As I go through the individual junior gold stock charts, I feel like vomiting.

9.   There are a few exceptions to the vomit bag rule:

10.    Please click here now.  That’s Rio Novo.  It just leaped 300{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} while the rest of junior gold land sunk further into the quicksand of the gulag.

11.    The PGEN to ZERO is the ONLY way to approach any junior gold stock, and more conservative investors may want to hold back capital to prepare for one or more reverse splits.

12.    As I’ve got over, relentlessly, with the GU subs, with Indian jewellery stocks absolutely waylaid by the Indian gold goon mafia, led by CP Chidambaram, you need to have the patience to wait until these mobsters are arrested or forcibly retired.  

13.    When that happens, jewellery companies can rebuild, and they can bid for the gold your companies find and produce.

14.    I’d love to tell you all kinds of “America Burns” stories, and pump those as reasons that your junior gold stocks are about to go parabolic, but the reality is that America bids for 15 tons of gold a month, roughly, and India bids for 100. (Or it did, until the mob attacked).

15.    When the gold goon mafia attacked and destroyed the Indian bid, the American bid never rose much, and nor did any other bid.  Telling you that JUNIOR gold stocks are going to surge while the greatest gold buyers in the world are being raped and pillaged by mobsters is an interesting idea, but not one I’m going to be partaking in.

16.    Having said that, I’m absolutely convinced that unless Narendra Modi is assassinated, he’s going to win the May 2014 national India elections, and turn most of India into a giant version of the state Gujarat that he is chief minister (head guy) of now.

17.    You’ve watched many of your gold stocks top out in 2003, 2004, 2006, and 2008, and you’ve had to endure many many years of time, waiting for them to blast higher, based on the idea that America “blows”, and then the gold stocks blast higher.

18.    My suggestion is that if you can wait 5 years, 7 years, 8 years, or even 9 years, for your gulag-imprisoned stocks to blast higher, based on a supposed coming event that sees Americans rush into the street buying gold and dumping dollars….

19.    Maybe you can wait 8 months, until June 2014, for the real possibility that real Indians bid for the gold your companies produce.

20.    I think China alone is capable of producing the kind of gold market demand you envisioned would push your stocks higher, as urbanization continues, just in the next 3 years.

21.    If Modi wins in India, you could be looking at gold demand in 2016 of 5000 tons, just from China and India, which should swamp supply.

22.    The Reform Revolution in China is real.  It’s not a joke.  It’s real.  It’s not a promise that gold will go parabolic based on American QE. It’s simple demand/supply numbers.

23.    Gridtime!  The super-crisis hasn’t gone away, but it is on the back burner.  I hope it does go away, because you don’t need it to see gold demand swamp supply. 





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