March 6, 2014


1.   While GDX stalled at $27, gold stalled at $1330 -$1360, and GDXJ stalled at $45, this week many of your individual stocks have blasted to new highs for the rally.

2.   These are volume-based moves in most cases.

3.   Gold stocks can lead gold.  Can your individual stocks lead both GDX/J and gold?  Yes.

4.   On that note, please click here now: http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14mar/2014mar6rio1.PNG  

5.   This Rio Novo chart shows the power of the pgen to zero, when the stock is solid, and powers up from the near-zero zone.

6.   Leaving Jaguar aside (some questions haven’t been totally answered yet there), Rio is the first junior to stage an almost ten bagger move, out of the December hole lows!

7.   Uranium stocks look extremely toppy here.  To view the apparent danger, please click here now:

8.   http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14mar/2014mar6ura1.png   Double-click to enlarge.

9.   That’s the daily URA chart (Global X fund of uranium stocks).  Look at the nosebleed action of the technical indicators.

10.                Now, please click here: http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14mar/2014mar6ura2.png   Double-click to enlarge.

11.                Do you still think uranium stocks are “overbought”?  That’s the weekly chart for URA. 

12.                I’m not predicting that they go vertical to $67, but I am suggesting there’s a massive bull wedge in play, and Japan is in process of putting almost 50 reactors back online, while China’s Gmen know that coal doesn’t get rid of smog, no matter how many catalytic converts they use.

13.                Burning fossil fuels isn’t about global warming.  It’s about global poisoning, and the odds of the Chinese Gman toning down is nuclear program are very tiny, to put it very mildly.

14.                To view one of the most rare technical scenarios, one that’s ultra-bullish, please click here now:

15.                http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14mar/2014mar6gdxj1.PNG   Note the spectacular breakout from the symmetrical triangle pattern today. 

16.                There’s an extremely rare situation where 1 momentum-style buy signal on my stokeillator appears to be being followed by a second one!

17.                That’s ultra-bullish, and it’s the type of situation that only happens when the weekly, monthly, and quarterly charts are flashing “galactic” size and power buy signals, which they are.

18.                Some investors seemed to think the volume was fading.  No.  It’s fading on down days and fading generally during the sideways action.

19.                Please click here now: http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14mar/2014mar6gdxj2.PNG  Note the past two days of volume.  Volume is rising on up days, and declining on down days.  That’s bullish.

20.                Please click here now: http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14mar/2014mar6trx1.png  Double-click to enlarge.

21.                That daily Tanzanian Royalty (TRX) chart shows indicators turning up again, into momentum-style buy signals.

22.                It’s true that many of these junior gold stocks have had “extended moves”, but from where? 

23.                Every time I hear some guru say, “we don’t have full capitulation yet”, I’m reminded of the nuclear attack on Hiroshima. 

24.                It’s like the attack happened, most were killed, and those left surrendered ages ago, but some moron is walking through the rubble shouting, “there’s no capitulation yet, there will be another bomb hit”. 

25.                Gridtime:  Just because junior gold stocks moved 100{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} - 300{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} recently doesn’t mean you sell huge chunks of them here, let alone at a huge loss.   It takes massive amounts of printed dollars, probably hundreds of trillions of them, to create full hyperinflation.  That doesn’t build your wealth.  It just destroys everyone around you.  You survive in a bunker while they get handguns and try to find you.  It takes only a few hundred tons extra of monthly Chindian demand, which is highly realistic over the next few years, to put gold at prices even higher than most QE fans thought was likely.  And you don’t have to be in a bunker to enjoy the wealth that is created.  The gold jewellery era creates wealth for you.  The super-crisis destroys everything around you.  That’s the key difference.  There’s another 12 hours to go in the jobs report asteroid zone.  See you on the other side tomorrow am!

Kirk out




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