March 20, 2014

                 JWU Individual Stocks Versus GDXJ Update

1.    Remember when I told you that the Chinese and Indian central banksters are gold-hating and citizen-hating super scum, while most of the gold community thought they were superheroes? 

2.    Then the Chindian banksters cut off Chindians from buying gold, while the Western banksters opened the $1523 door, and the superheroes were revealed as the super scum that I told you they are.

3.    Another myth that existed (until today) is that somehow the German central bank scum “know the wisdom of gold” and are “desperately” trying to… “get the hold home, to help all the people!”. 

4.    In contrast, I told you that was a bunch of garbage.  I dared to suggest that the German central bank scum hate gold, and they hate you.

5.    Well, the verdict on that issue is already in: “European central banks may end a 15-year-old restriction on sales of their gold holdings this year.  The negotiations are still ongoing," - Carl-Ludwig Thiele, German Bundesbank board member, and certified chimp scum, Wall Street Journal, March 2014.

6.    Of course the negotiations are still ongoing.  They’re negotiating how to counter the bid being created by the crews of Mohit Kamboj, Haresh Soni, and Narendra Modi, and all these wannabe Nazi storm troopers can come with, is another pathetic scheme to dump German taxpayer gold onto the market.

7.    The toy storm troopers better make their “big move” quickly, because in a few short years, dumping the entire Bundtescake bank holdings on the market is only going to create a multi-thousand ton Indian citizen super-bid. 

8.    The difference between that coming super-bid and the 800 ton super-bid that occurred in May of 2013, is that Indian banksters will be arrested this time, if they try to stop the buying, instead of getting a medal from the mafia.

9.    When the next super-bid happens, CP Chidambaram is either going to be in a retirement home, or in a jail cell.   He won’t be stopping any more super-bids, so team Bundtesbank better hurry up with their “thunder sale”, before they look like a bunch of mangled ants stumbling across an IBJA tonnage scale. 

10.The bottom Bundt Cake Line: When I finally meet Mohit Kamboj (likely in Mumbai later this year), I plan to present him with a can of RAID, to help keep his scales free of annoying fiat-obsessed bugs like Thiele.

11. India’s February jewellery export numbers are in.  They are up 1{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} over last year.  The 80-20 export rule is a sick mafia joke.  Measured from April 2013 to date (when the mafia attacked), exports are actually down about 40{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9}.

12. I told you that the solution to India’s current account deficit involves the arrest of government mobsters.  It has nothing to do with gold.  After the election, the deficit will be reduced, as the mobsters get arrested.

13. Charts?  Please click here now: http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14mar/2014mar20atn1.png  Double-click to enlarge this Atna daily chart.  The stokeillator lead line is already oversold and RSI is down to 30.  PGEN buyers report for duty immediately.

14.Some of you have forgotten what I mentioned about your individual stocks versus GDXJ.  Expect some of them to soar even if GDXJ continues down.

15. As happy as I am about the progress being made by the Indian “good guys” against the mafia there, remember that demand can’t pick up in size until the election is over.  The 80-20 rule still stands, and protection racket payouts sit at about $200 an ounce.  Demand in India soars when the racketeers are arrested or put out to pasture.

16.Demand for gold from your mines in India is gargantuan now, but it’s not being translating into actual market bids that overwhelm supply….yet. 

17.Let’s repeat: Some of you have forgotten what I mentioned about your individual stocks versus GDXJ.  Expect some of them to soar even if GDXJ continues down.

18.On that note, please click here now: http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14mar/2014mar20edv1.png  Double-click to enlarge this Endeavor Mining chart that many of your pgens bought today, as price blasted up from the 85 cent HSR zone.

19.Some stocks are overbought.  Some are oversold.  Both types can still rally, even if GDXJ sells off.

20.There’s no question that weekly chart technical for Endeavor and stocks like it are overbought.

21.Please click here now: click here now:  http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14mar/2014mar20edv2.png   Double-click to enlarge.

22.Hello, knock, knock, are there are top callers home?  A huge parade of chartists sold all their gold stocks today, as they “broke support”. 

23.Does that monthly chart look like Endeavor just “broke support”?  While there’s a wall of sell-side HSR in the $1.20 - $1.35 area, I don’t think the sharpest tack in the box is one who’s blowing out all his junior gold stocks 3 weeks in front of the Indian election, which is arguably the most important gold market event of the past 100 years and the of the next 100 years….

24.Especially when those stocks are still down 90{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} from their 2006 and 2008 highs!

25.Gridtime!  It’s the gold stocks era.  The QE to infinity do do bird is dead.  In case you’re not sure about that, Citigroup wants you to please click here now: http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14mar/qe.jpg   Gold jewellery demand to infinity has, thankfully, and to keep your gold stocks sane, replaced the QE wealth transfer clown act, and Endeavor and Atna are two of the stars of your show.  I’ll talk about some more stars of the show tomorrow….  I fly to Trinidad for 10 days tomorrow night.  I don’t see any major interruption to the newsletters since I’m staying at the Hilton which has internet.   

Kirk out!




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