Jul 10, 2013


1.     $1288 and counting, at 7pm.

2.     Welcome to the short covering big leagues.

3.    Need I say for, for JWU, tonight?

4.    No.   

5.    It’s possible you wake up at gold $1400 tomorrow AM.

6.    Ok, make that $1320.

7.    Don’t bet on it, but accept the possibility, of both numbers.

8.    That’s not a joke.

9.    Aug 13 = Shinzo day.  Knock, knock, any GDXJ haters home?

10.                Red wine and Cohiba time, here, (after a 5 mile run in BC  mountains on Sunday).

11.                You just got a taste, and only a taste, of what the banksters have planned, for the real short covering rally.

12.                GDX is trading actively, at 7pm, as this happens.

13.                When the real short covering deal happens, I can only hope that you understand that there is never one trading day, ever, when the banksters have no longs on the table.

14.                I told you to begin selling, with PRESET orders, at the equivalent of $1280 gold, and the question is…

15.                Did ANYONE…..Listen?





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