Jan 6, 2014


1. We salute Robocoin, this fine Monday morning, for going to Hong Kong to install the first Bitcoin ATM machine.  We also salute the Hong Kong money regulators, for stating that they don’t see the need to regulate Bitcoin, except in regards to fraud and money laundering.

2. We salute YOU and I most of all, this fine morning, for ringing the Bitcoin cash register, at $1090!!!

3. As I mentioned in the alert I just sent out, the gold community has polarized views on bitcoin, and that prevents them from getting richer with it.

4. Some believe it’s a total fraud (wrong), and some believe it’s “the new gold, aka gold2.0 (wrong). 

5. Treat bitcoin like a juniors stock, and you’ll have no problems. 

6. On that note, anyone who tries to rationalize a junior stock as a low risk is an absolute lunatic.  There’s nothing on this juniors site that is anything but ultra-high risk speculation, including crypto currency like bitcoin.

7.  My approach to bitcoin is pretty much the same as everything else; run a pgen to zero on it, and apply risk capital to it with the understanding that it is high risk speculation.

8.  I use a portion of the pgen profits to… buy more gold.  I have no interest in engaging in a debate about whether crypto is gold 2.0 or a fraud.  That’s the debate of certified morons.

9.  I will say that the latest fantasy statement by the bitcoin bears that the actions of the Chinese Gman were fundamentally negative for bitcoin has been turned into a joke.  The Gman’s actions in the bitcoin arena are bankster-negative, and bitcoin-positive.

10. Please click here now.  That’s the daily gold chart.  As those of you who are GU subs know, in the big weekly chart picture, I believe gold stocks are slowly setting up to begin a substantial period of outperformance against gold.

11.  In the short term, the “count” for gold is now $63, meaning it is up $63 from the low.  Stokeillator cycles tend to see gold move somewhere between $50 - $150. 

12. There’s sell-side HSR at $1252.  What about on the light rebuy side of things?  Please click here now.  $1219 is where to take action, in very light size.

13. Attention silver stock champions, Goldlion would like you all to please click here now.  Double-click to enlarge this monthly Sabina silver chart, and then say… wow!

14. Sell-side HSR of size is in the $1.45 -$1.75 zone.

15. Please click here now.  That’s the Sabina daily chart.  As good as the monthly chart looks, it’s kachingo time for traders, here in the 80 cent zone.

16. I talked to GU subs yesterday about trading GDX against gold.  Aggressive players in the juniors arena can do the same thing, but you are going to have a few more false signals, and have to eat a bit more pain.

17.  Please click here now.  I’ll post a video this morning on this key ratio chart, which shows the action of Sabina action silver.  The bottom line is that it looks great.

18.  Gridtime!  I dismantled the onemgold.com domain and removed the emails associated with it.  They were sending out multiple emails through some server glitch.  Using sthomson@gracelandanalytics.onmicrosoft.com now, which is directly from Microsoft.  Let me know if you are not getting emails….





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