1.   Gold stocks continue to rise on days when gold falls.  That’s a big picture positive sign.  It’s not a “free money if you buy now” signal.

2.   How bullish is the big picture?  Please click here now.

3.   The big picture is very bullish indeed, for Golden Minerals (AUMN and AUM-tor).  That huge bullish wedge pattern suggests vastly higher prices are coming…

4.   Please click here now.  Here’s another look at it, on the Toronto exchange daily chart.

5.    There’s an oddly shaped h&s bottom in play.  While silver bullion sits in a coma, the stocks are doing well!

6.   To view one of the better performing gold stocks, please click here now.   Oops, that’s the Dow.

7.   I have no idea if the FOMC show helps to create that potential h&s top on the Dow, but I do know that I’m not a buyer unless it trades in the 13,600 area.

8.   Please click here now.  GDXJ daily chart volume is very bullish.  It surged on the upswing, and it’s faded dramatically on the stall that began last Tuesday (as I issued my book light profits signal).

9.   The stokeillator suggest that a deeper sell-off is possible, but not predicted. 

10.                I’m cheering for a rally to $42, where I want you to be bit more of a seller.

11.                There’s no question that a move above the recent volume-based highs in the $38 area would be extremely bullish….

12.                Provided that volume is strong as that happens.

13.                In regards to all the gold that Turkey has been importing recently:  As the currency collapses, and rates soar to 12{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9}, will Nouriel Roubini fly to Turkey, and tell all the citizens how dumb they were to buy gold?

14.                Roubini is shooting his mouth off at the Davos Freedom Destruction Conference, about WW3 starting, between China and Japan. 

15.                He’s talking about world war 3, as he bashes gold in almost the same sentence.

16.                He compares 2014 to 1914.  So do I.  WW1 started with an assassination. 

17.                Maybe Roubini gets assassinated by the some of the citizens in Turkey he ruined with his gold-hating propaganda, only there is no WW3 that follows the assassination of that gold hater.

18.                Maybe instead, there’s just millions of Japanase gold buying superstar citizens, walking hand in hand with millions of Chinese gold buying citizens, to India’s Gitanjali gold jewellery store….

19.                To buy all the gold your mines can find!

20.                Taper number 2, right on schedule, as predicted by me, is now in the history books.  Gold is gyrating, and the Dow looks timid.

21.                Gold is caught in a tug o war, between the old guard (QE Crackheads) who QE with no velocity is bullish, and the Team Velocity, who see the taper as bullish.

22.                Of prime importance, Ben’s crew said, as I predicted, that rates would not be rising.

23.                They followed Marc Carney’s crew in England, and announced that they are likely to dump the “rates will rise in unemployment hits 6.5{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9}” threshold.

24.                Rates won’t rise.  They’ll fall.  Or so Mr. Macro believes, and so do I.  The taper is bullish, because a smaller money supply that moves is more gold-bullish than a big one that sits there.


Gridtime!  As the taper on mortgage securities eats into bank earnings, guess what the banks will want to do?  Correct, start making more loans.  Got gold?

Junior Kirk out





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