Feb 22, 2014


1.   I posted a uranium video on the juniors site.  It’s worth watching, as a mechanism to take away a lot of the urgency with calling the next GDXJ move that is currently overwhelming the majority of the gold community.

2.   The emotion of urgency doesn’t build wealth. Vomit bags build wealth.  Have you got one?  I do, and it’s huge.

3.   I sent out some junior natural gas (seven sisters portfolio) pgen sell alerts this week, and weather forecasters are suggesting that more arctic air could be on the way.

4.   The big question, from a weather perspective, is what the spring/summer air conditioning use turns out to be.  Normally, natural gas stocks are rebuilt during the spring/summer season, preparing for the heavier demand winter heating season.

5.   If it’s a hot summer, and the summer begins with stocks low, it’s unknown how much of the stocks can be rebuilt in time for the winter.

6.   Regardless, natural gas is the world’s most volatile commodity, and right now 500,000 natural gas price forecasting gurus are taking turns trying to predict the next short term move, imagining they are actually even remotely capable of doing so.

7.   In contrast to the timers-in-their-own-mind gurus, I have no interest at all in trying to predict whether Sir Natty is “building a top”, or preparing to “go parabolic”.  In the big picture, demand for natgas is only going to increase.  When both demand and supply of an asset increase, that builds the quality of the asset.  The higher the quality of the asset, the lower the total risk of owning it.

8.   Gold is the highest quality asset in the world, but natural gas is rising fast, in quality.  I own a vast number of pgen natgas short positions, but much more longs, (via pgen to zero), which is how you need to own the seven sisters stocks, not via plopgen based on some crackhead’s weather forecast.

9.   There’s some mind-blowingly gold-bullish news on deck.  The German central bank just announced that, to help all the German people, they are increasing their regular 50 tons a month purchases of gold, to 60 tons a month!

10.                Oh, wait a minute, that’s a typo.  The German central bank super-scum haven’t bought any gold at all for ages, and they have no plans at all to buy even 1 gram for even one of their citizen marks now.

11.                Instead, they have a plan to pump propaganda at the stupidest members of the Western gold community, spouting a nonsensical old wife’s tale about their phoney attempt to “repatriate the gold of the German citizens, to help all the people!”

12.                Central banks are wealth transfer machines, invented by the banksters, for the banksters. 

13.                Get with the German central bank wealth transfer program, or you’ll end up in Queen Gold’s museum of ancient super-crisis history, dialing repatriation phone numbers on your rotary phone, while German central banksters roll on the floor laughing, while 2 billion Chindians line up at Chow Tai Fook jewellery outlets, screaming at your mining company directors, to go get them more gold.  

14.                Are YOUR junior mining company directors handing themselves giant bought deal bonus checks right now, while smoking German repatriation and Chinese central bank “secret accumulation” crack cocaine drugs? 

15.                You can smoke all the QE to infinity, Nazi repatriation, and Chairman Mao secret agent crack drugs in the world.  That’s not only to put one gram of the needed Indian citizen demand for the tonnage that comes out of your mines back on line. 

16.                Stories from drug addicts won’t tear down the $1523 door of steel, especially while the banksters sell 28,000 comex longs, like they just did.  They will short much much more if we go ANY higher at all from here.  And, they will take those shorts off… at a profit.

17.                You have lobotomized morons calling themselves gold price analysts talking about gold $2000 as a done deal, when it can’t even get over $1360, while the banksters soak the market with tens of thousands of gold shorts!  Gold is becoming waterlogged with bankster short positions after a $150 rally that made you richer, but does any waterlogged guru understand?

18.                The Western gold community is smoking so much higher price forecast crack right now that they look like inhabitants of a Rubber Room Hotel on Mars.  Stay real, or you’ll suffer the horrifying agony that the rubber room gang will all soon suffer, as the banksters bring down the gold price hammer, very very soon.

19.                Let’s review the charts, because there is a lot of good news, and vast opportunity to get richer in a big way, for those who can stay sane and stay away from the guru fantasies.  So, let’s get it started and please click here now:   http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14feb/2014feb22sgr1.PNG   Sangold, which some of you own in size, has rallied 120{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} from the 9 cent area lows, in just 6 weeks.  21 cents is pgen trading position sell time, as is 24 cents and 28 cents, if it gets there.  While the directors of Sangold, and most other gold mining companies, made a lot of mistakes over the past few years, the main source of the gold stock gulag is not director “malpractice”, but naked short selling (NS) organized by the banksters, via a horrific clearing house and bankster loans shell game.  That shell game now appears to be over.

20.                When you factor in somewhat improved behaviour by gold stock directors, COP (cost of production) zone buying of size by institutions, and a likely end of the NS Shell Game, it makes sense not that some “ultimate bottom before the free parabola” is here, but that gold stocks will act more freely in the market, relatively speaking.  That means you can be more comfortable buying at key HSR and PGEN points, on the grid.

21.                Please click here now:    http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14feb/2014feb22sgr2.png  Double click to enlarge this Sangold daily chart.  On the buy-side, the 19 cent area is a rebuy zone for gamblers.  For everyone else, the 14 cent area and the 8.5 – 10 cent (round number and major buy-side HSR) zone is where to take action.  The risk of junior stocks going off the board is always high, but the COP zone buyers of size have reduced it, which is good news.  Remember my words:  You can feel more comfortable in the junior gold stocks arena now.

22.                I haven’t talked enough about GORO stock, which many of you own.  Some of you have talked about Royalty companies versus companies that own properties.  I think the bigger question is whether those royalty companies are paying a dividend (currency or stock) to shareholders, or plan to.  I don’t really see a big advantage of owning a royalty over a dividend payer, in the gold jewellery era.  In the super-crisis bull market, a royalty company could ‘cut and run’ faster than a mineholder could. 

23.                In the inflationary/jewellery era, I’m not so sure that’s an advantage.  GORO pays monthly, 1 cent a share, which is not much, but to pay anything while imprisioned in a gulag while a gang of naked shorting rapists pillages the gold community is pretty darn good.  I expect gold stock dividends, across the gold stock board, to get ramped higher, once India comes back on line.  

24.                Franco Nevada is a great royalty company, but junior gamblers may be attracted to something like GORO, at least at this point in time.  Please click here now:   http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14feb/2014feb22goro.png   Double-click to enlarge this monthly GORO chart.  I’m a pgen-to-zero buyer, with $10 as my maximum high entry point. 

25.                Please click here now: http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14feb/2014feb22goro2.PNG   That’s the dividend history chart for GORO.  Maybe the dividend gets cut to 1 cent every two months soon, or maybe it starts to rise, or maybe it stays the same.  Don’t get carried away with predicting when that changes.  Wait for it with patience.  I can’t get very excited about the gold bullion price, until I see the world gold council stating that Indian mafia imports are ramping up bigtime, which would turn bank econs very bullish on gold.  I can get very excited about junior gold stocks, here in the taper-to-zero and gold jewellery era COP zone, and I am. 

26.                Report Card Day:  Virtually my entire gold sector focus was on gold stocks in 2013, not bullion.  It’s the same for 2014.  I warned you that team “growth with safety” were cowardly morons that were lost in a super-crisis ancient history museum smoking QE to infinity crack pipes, because that was reality.  The super-crisis will come back to the front burner of the gold price driver stove, but that will happen when team growth with safety can’t stand the relentless rise of junior gold stocks anymore, and they’ll dump their bullion and rush back into the system to get all the free money, which is when I’ll tell YOU to enter the growth with safety trade, which at that point will be the last thing on the planet you’ll want to do.  Hi ho, hi ho, it’s on with getting richer the hard way, is the only real way to go?

Kirk out 





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