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 ‘ "China's aircraft leasing industry will have a golden period in the coming two decades," said Wei Tao, an analyst from China Securities Co Ltd…’ – China Daily News, Jan 23, 2014.

1.   “Your junior gold stocks will have a golden period in the coming two decades," said Wei Tao, an analyst from China Securities Co Ltd…’ – China Daily News, Jan 23, 2015?

2.   I told you that the gold bull era is here, because it is.  It’s based on the (just-starting) multi-decade growth of per capita wealth of Chinese and Indian citizens, and on the fact that those citizens buy gold for cultural and religious reasons.  What else is it based on?  Answer:

3.   Absolutely nothing.

4.   I’m an owner of the Chinese stock market, via PGEN to zero.  I’m an owner of the largest Chindian gold jewellery companies, via pgen to zero.  With even more capital, I’m an owner, via pgen to zero, of Western junior gold mining companies that are tasked with finding all the gold that the Chindian gold bull era champions will demand.

5.   I have a $2800 primary trend target for gold, based on a potential head and shoulders pattern on the monthly chart.  My final super-crisis gold bull market target is unchanged at: $6000.   I set that target many years ago, based on a mathematical formula, based on the amount of gold required to balance US Treasury debt obligations at the then-current price, versus the change in price of the static 8000 tons holding of the Treasury required to do that.

6.   The gold bull jewellery era began on April 12, 2013.  It sent the super-crisis and my $6000 target onto the back burner, and probably into the ancient history museum.

7.   Over the next few weeks, I’ll work on a gold bull era target, based on a similar formula to my super-crisis formula, but based on demand created by purchasing power, rather than on price created by US Treasury balance sheet necessity.

8.   While I don’t have an exact number until I do all the calculations, I can say that the gold jewel era target is a lot higher than super-crisis target of $6000.

9.   The tiniest minds in the Western gold community think gold went up on Friday because “there was a breakout over $1300!  Smart buyers know the dollar is going to zero, and they bought the breakout!”  

10.                In reality, gold went up because of comex hedge fund buying.  The tonnage in the SPDR gold fund (GLD-NYSE) actually went DOWN on Friday, unknown to all the mini minds.

11.                It’s unknown how much gold is being bought by the Indian mafia, and sold to the gold jewellery dealing community there.  It probably has been a factor in the steady price rise over the past couple of weeks.

12.                Chinese citizen demand for gold jewellery definitely is a factor, and Friday’s move got all the price-chasing blood flowing amongst the dumbest members of the Western gold community.

13.                While I have a h&s pattern target (if the pattern forms fully, which it hasn’t by any means yet) on the monthly chart of $2800, when price rises aggressively, emotions must be controlled.  That’s not something to take lightly.  Emotional control is not a funny joke that we promise to engage in “down the road”.  I watched one gold guru after another brag how high Friday’s move “proved” gold is going, while YOU rang YOUR cash register on gold stock buys put on in the $1228 “it’s all over, my stocks are all going to zero!” supreme vomit spew zone, where the same guru cowards wearing diapers talked about how they were waiting for “technical confirmation”  before buying.

14.                Now the idiots have their “confirmation”, which is the same confirmation a sex-crazed man gets while reading a porno magazine. 

15.                I ordered the GU Trader subs to short $1320.  It’s serious sell-side HSR.  Obviously, we want to cheer that gold blasts through there.  Obviously, the banksters got insanely richer on Friday, and you got modestly richer, as both groups booked profits on long gold and junior gold stock positions yesterday, while the gold gurus showed you price target pictures from their porno magazines.

16.                YOU got a little richer.  Big weakness is accompanied by big buying.  The 2011-2013 period was big weakness.  Now, there’s a little strength.  So, a little is sold.  I don’t care if 98{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} of the Western gold porno magazine community sold out in December, and now has a new porno magazine picture that they think is Queen Gold naked, and I don’t care if they are showing it to all their pals in the community.

17.                I only care about getting richer, making you richer, and doing that with professional junior gold stock tactics:  Minor strength is sold in a minor way.  It isn’t bought in a big way with a porno magazine as a guidebook.  $1320 is a little more serious supply-side HSR than anything else you’ve encountered since the $1180 low.  Your gold stocks got through it before, on much less volume, so they can get through it again, on the all-epic volume they have on them now. 

18.                Will gold get through $1320 next week, like all the gold porno magazine freaks promise it will?  Maybe, but I’m not really interested in anything the porno patrol has to say about anything.  When you strip a prostitute naked at $1320, put her in a magazine, call her Queen Gold, and call that magazine “Gold Price Analysis”, and start talking about $2000 x-rated body part target prices as imminent, you are just asking the bankster aircraft carriers to yawn, then aim their guns at you in your rubber dingy, and blow you and your gold porno magazine into financial smithereens.

19.                OK, PGEN Marines, it’s time to get richer, so, please click here now:http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14feb/2014feb15gold1.png

20.                Double-click to enlarge this key daily chart for gold.  The focus is the Keltner lines (the green “riverbank” lines that surround the gold price “river”).  Note the blue circles I put on there.  Those are price zones, not points.  They are vomit bag zones, where gold has fallen below the keltner demand line, and they are zones where I’ve DEMANDED that YOU BUY.  Look in the mirror.  Remember how YOU felt at those ultra-key buy zones.  Marines who bought….got richer.  Period.  Now, look at the two red circles, where the POYG (price of your gold) has surged above the green keltner supply line.  Think how you felt at each of those points (one of them being here and now).  Yes, gold porno magazine feeling time.  Sell time.  Only an idiot in a rubber dingy with a popgun tries to take on the banksters, by predicting price higher, when price shoots above the keltner supply line.  You’ll be totally slaughtered if you try that stupid stunt.

21.                A pullback to the neckline of the h&s bottom on the daily chart, in the $1265 -$1280 area, would be totally normal.  Since it’s unknown how much smuggled gold the mafia is buying for India gold jewellery champion buyers, you need to be open to the idea that it isn’t enough to overwhelm mine and scrap supply in the short term.  

22.                Be open to the idea that a pullback to the h&s bottom neckline turns into a meltdown.  A meltdown that takes the POYG back down to the $1228 buy-side HSR zone.  Do I think a pullback is coming?  Yes.  Do I think price is going to back to $1228 HSR?  No.  Am I prepared for it to happen, impossibly?  Yes.

23.                A picture speaks 1000 words, so please click here now! http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14feb/2014feb15gold2.png

24.                Double-click to enlarge this second look at the daily gold chart.  Basis cash gold, the next sell-side HSR sits at $1336.  Maybe there’s enough buy-side momentum from hedge funds and gold community price chasers to push gold another $15 higher to that point, where YOU will get even richer, by booking a little more profit on what you bought into $1228, or maybe there isn’t, and the banksters take the price down now, but for junior pgen marines, $1336 is your next party time cash register zone, where you sell more juniors stock, for more bullion currency, taken from team growth with safety.



Report Card Day!  What a fabulous week this was for all junior pgen you-marines!  I told you that you needed to view the growth with safety scum that sold your gold stocks lower to buy bullion for “super-crisis growth with safety” as the enemy, on the Get Richer battlefield.  Junior gold stocks are destroying every asset in their path right now.  Need I say more?  Perhaps just this:


Kirk on the junior gold stock bull era starship bridge…Out!






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