Dec 26, 2013


        Boxing Day Party Time Update


1.   The Dow isn’t open yet, but it did rise about half a percent on Christmas Eve, and all the price chasers beat on their buy buttons, hoping to put another half a percent in their stockings.

2.   While that interesting action continues, LIGHTCOIN, aka the silver stallion of private money, surged 35{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} in the last 24 hours.

3.   That made me, and all private money PGEN endorsers, nicely richer. 

4.   As I sit here in my hotel room overlooking Niagara Falls for a quick holiday break, to ensure that I really did get richer this morning, I put a nice chunk of my lightcoin trading position into my cash register, here in the $23 zone. 

5.   The bottom line: Boxing day sales are interesting.  Boxing day super-kachingos are slightly more interesting. 

6.   Agreed?

7.   Attention all junior gold stock mining fans, please click here now. 

8.   That’s Gitanjali Jewels stock.  While the banksters and Chidambaram the Gman mobster tried to destroy the company, the Gitanjali crew is battling back.

9.   The stock has surged about 40{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} in two days!  Tara is also surging higher.  Unknown to team QE Crackhead, only a tiny portion of the gold your companies explore for gets bought by Western super-crisis devotees.

10.            Most of it is inhaled by the Chindian gold buyer class, and if there’s a power-spike in Gitanjali stock, it’s likely gold-demand news of size, either directly or indirectly, particularly if the entire gold jewellery stock group is on the move.

11.            The Gitanjaji stock price surge is another positive event, like the JP Morgan analysts buy recommendation on Silver Wheaton for 2014.

12.            It’s not a guarantee of a parabola, but it’s a solid positive event.

13.            Many of the gold cheerleaders of size who have appeared on King World News have been sellers of size.  Not by choice.  Bob Moriarty has noted this fact as well.

14.            The gold funds have seen massive redemptions over the past 12 months of 2013.  Not only have weak hands sold, but very strong hands (but QE-focsed hands) have sold too. 

15.            The fund managers have to sell stock when these investors redeem, to get them their money, and that puts even more pressure on stock prices.  It looks like most of the selling has run its course.

16.            Most of the investors are gone.  More money has exited gold funds in the past 12 months than entered them in the past 3 years!!!  

17.            Some bankster propaganda making the rounds says that if India’s Gman scum relaxes the import quotas, that could make gold crash. 

18.            All the gold haters know how to do is bash gold.  Import restrictions-on makes gold fall down, and now restrictions-off is billed as a gold-crash catalyst by these fiat freaks.  What a sick joke….

19.            The reality is that restrictions-on has cranked Indian mkt premiums and restrictions-off would slash premiums, slashing the amount Indian dealers get gouged to buy gold. 

20.            They’d buy more gold on world markets, not less, but the gold haters can’t go 30 seconds without issuing a “gold must crash forever!” alert.

21.            Please click here now.  Gold is working sell-side HSR in the $1213 zone.  The stokeillator looks good.

22.            The next positive event is a rise above $1268, the most recent minor trend high.

23.            Please click here now.  That’s the daily GDXJ chart.  There’s a tentative upside breakout in play this morning, but it’s way too early to celebrate, particularly with gold at minor tend sell-side HSR.

24.            Like the Gitanjali spike, and like the JP Morgan gold stock buy recoommendations, it’s another good news event, but not a parabola-now signal. 


Gridtime!   Repetition builds excellence, so let’s repat:  In early 2014, a rally is likely, regardless of fundamentals.  A huge move to new highs requires India back online and a steady Chinese citizen buying pattern, tapering that occurs while the Fed mentions inflationary concerns, and cost push inflation percolating in Japan, and… It’s all really going to happen!





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