Dec 2, 2013


1.   Narendra Modi has taken the lead in Indian election opinion polls.

2.   Extrapolating from the latest COT report released minutes ago, it could be argued that the banksters, as of right now, are either net long on the comex or very close to it.

3.   How many more gold market crackheads stomped on their QE crackpipes today, and threw their holdings to the banksters?

4.   We can’t know the answer, but you can extrapolate that the crackheads never did have your back in the gold market.

5.   The citizens of India have your back. 

6.   Give them at least as much time to prove that, as you gave the QE-obsessed crackheads. 

7.   The crackheads failed you.  They never had your back, and when the banksters stomped on their crackpipes, it was all over for them.

8.   India has your back.  The banksters are in for a major surprise from India’s citizens.

9.   For those of you who haven’t heard, the Royal Mint of England is considering issuing a solid gold bitcoin, with ½ ounce of gold in it.

10.            As a result, obviously, I hereby declare solid gold bitcoins the official currency of the Graceland Golden Starship.   

11.            All private money and bull wedge formation fans, please click here now.  That’s a work of art. 

12.            It’s also known in layman’s terms as the Litecoin chart.  Litecoin is the number 2 private money currency in the world.

13.            I’ve mentioned some advantages over Bitcoin.  In the big picture, private money’s value is related to its ability to be something that retains or rises in purchasing power, and acts as a widespread medium of exchange.

14.            For those of you who are religious, or simply understand the flaws of the usury system, the bottom line is that the Chairman Rat (aka Ben Bernanke) sells usury dreams.  Private Money doesn’t pay interest.  It rises in purchasing power.

15.            Litecoin’s claimed advantage over Bitcoin is that merchant transactions are processed about 5 times faster.  Bitcoin transactions can take 3000 seconds to process, while Litecoin transactions can take only 600 seconds.

16.            Obviously, over time the speed of all transactions should increase.

17.            I have bitcoin accounts, litecoin accounts, and peercoin accounts.  I could lie, and tell you that I completely understand peercoin’s advantages, but I won’t do that.   

18.            Peercoin’s total mintage doesn’t seem to be limited by constitutional decree, but it is the number 3 private currency, so I want to own at least a token amount of it.

19.            While key junior stocks that most of you own like Jaguar, TRX, Aberdeen, MUX, etc have been crushed, the bottom line is that Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen don’t buy the product your companies mine.

20.            Gitanjali and Tara, 2 of the bigger Indian jewellery companies, managed to stagger higher today, on the price grid.  They buy the gold your companies mine.

21.            The Chinese banksters are really working hard to crush Chinese citizen demand to 900 tons in 2014, but I’ll ask you to consider a situation where Ben & Janet taper in January, and then the Dow crashes.

22.            After the Dow crashes, and Ben & Janet’s bankster masters cover their Dow short positions, and are massively net long on the comex, with the funds net short, imagine Narendra Modi winning the Indian election, and Janet chops rates and reverses the taper and ramps up QE, to stop the Dow crash.

23.            The first quarter of 2014 could bring you the greatest gold market short covering rally in the history of markets.


Gridtime!  Regardless, it’s a time to really ask yourself who has got your back on price declines like today, and who is stomping on their crackpipes, while you buy.





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