Dec 14, 2013


1.   Chinese Gmen have been behaving like a little herd of Andrew Jackson clones recently, increasing freedom and putting the yoke on one bankster after another.  First it was the opening up of more Chinese gold importers. 

2.   The recent kick in the bankster teeth over the bankster attempt to muscle in on the bitcoin market was a particularly impressive move. 

3.   But what about the “King Daddy” of the gold buyer class, INDIA, what are they doing here and now, to increase their insatiable demand for gold tonnage, to move the POYGS (price of your gold stocks) dramatically higher?

4.   My suggestion is you sit down for this one, and do not take off your gold price space helmet:

5.   “Toeing the view of his predecessor, BJP President Rajnath Singh said the party will take a view on a demand for removal of all taxes and replacing them with a single transaction levy.  Former BJP chief Nitin Gadkari earlier this month favoured complete abolition of Income, Sales and Excise tax.  Addressing a conclave of realtors' body CREDAI, Singh said 7-8 taxes are imposed on even an unemployed person.  "We have received a suggestion to abolish all taxes ..” –India Economic Times, Dec 14, 2013.

6.  Is this even real?  Did you all just read that, or is it a mirage?  India is the 2nd most populous nation in the world, with one of the youngest populations in the world, and home to the world’s most powerful gold buyer class. 

7.   Did the president of the main opposition party that just won overpowering elections in key Indian states… did he just say that the BJP party is seriously considering adopting a platform that would…. abolish all taxation in friggin’ INDIA?

8.   Hello, Kirk to Rotary Phones in Amereeka, knock, knock, is any gold owning superstar home?  The US Gman, aka King of the Amoebas, has had a fabulous time, accompanied by G20 Gmen, blasting small Western “tax havens” as evil. 

9.   What is this ragtag team of Western freedom robbers going to do… if INDIA abolishes all taxation? 

10.            The all-thankful answer is:  move even faster to the rotary phone zone. 

11.            Does any QE-obsessed crackhead in the West understand that India’s Gman bonds are held almost exclusively domestically?  They don’t care what the Gmen of Amoebica have to say about anything, and they may be about to take the gold bull era into the space-helmets-on party time zone.  

12.            I told you that the banksters lost the gold war when they attacked INDIA’s gold citizen buyer class on April 12, 2013, but no pinhead in the Western gold price chasing community has even the tiniest clue of what just happened. 

13.            Bankster power revolves around control of debt-a-holic Gmen.  They direct various Gmen at each other and at the citizens, and make vast sums financing the action.  Taxation & red tape are their main tools of citizen attack and freedom-destruction.

14.            I told you that the Indian starship of gold buying superstars would not just hit back at the bankster aircraft carrier that nuked your junior gold stocks, but turn that piece of over-rated junk into spacedust. 

15.            It’s really going to happen, and nothing any QE-to-eternity crackhead says about anything is going to mean anything, as the banksters turn to spacedust show unfolds.

16.            The Indian current account deficit will become a non-issue, Indian growth will stage a mind-boggling rebound, corruption will be mostly exterminated, and raw sewage like CP Chidambaram will either be arrested or simply forgotten. 

17.            The banksters will be turned into citizen-slaves, and it should be the banksters, not the citizens, who will have to forward the transaction fees to the Gman.  Failure to do so will result in bankster arrest. 

18.            QE rotary phones to eternity?  Who cares.  My junior gold stocks don’t.  Try some “gold POYG to infinity because of gold demand to infinity” shoes on for gold stocks size.  You’ll find they are a perfect fit.

19.            What happens if CHINA goes to a transaction revenue model too?  What do the United Gmen of Amoebika do then?

20.            Answer: They do a nosedive into the rotary phone zone, at lightspeed. Which is lucky for them, because where they belong is hanging from a tree, by the neck, in Andrew Jackson’s front yard.

21.            The Indian transaction fee system is estimated to produce a mindboggling increase of Gman revenues by 200{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9}, and would open the door to an all-epic tidal wave of FDI, foreign direct investment, by Western corporations who would likely be soon be subject to no taxation at all. 

22.            In that all-mighty environment, gold imports of 200-300 tons a month should be of no concern to the gold bull era Indian Gman.  In fact… he’s likely to endorse them.

23.            Attention MACD fans, please click here now.  You are viewing the Bitcoin daily chart on the Mt. Gox exchange.  When indicator crossover signals appear, in hindsight they look better than they are.  In the case of this MACD signal, the crossover took place around Dec 5 in the $850 - $900 area.  That’s ok, because the previous buy signal took place around $100.

24.            Please click here now.  That’s the same daily chart, using the PPO indicator, rather than MACD.  Notice how much earlier the sell signal took place.  For MACD fans, my suggestion is to use ½ day bars (12 hours).  To view that chart, please click here now.  Note how clean the lines are.  They aren’t too far apart, nor too close together, and there are no false signals.


Report Card Day.  I’ll be issuing some short term timing signals for Sir Bit next week.  The method involves price moving below a moving average MA by a certain amount, and then selling on a rebound to or above the MA.  For longer term players, I’ll post a series of videos on the junior site today covering some bitcoin and litcoin pgens….The FOMC meeting is Wednesday, and the failed banksters don’t want you to understand anything that is going on in Chindia.  They want to milk the last of the Western ETF price chasers out of their gold.  Most Western gold bull analysts, after shooting up with heroin, mumble that the banksters are accumulating gold because they know a 1970s situation is coming, a free money parabola with Americans lined up in the street to buy gold price smoke bellowing from a QE crackpipe.  That’s ridiculous.  What’s coming in 2014 is almost surely an acceleration of US GDP growth, a taper to zero, and lightspeed deceleration of American/Western relevance to the POYGS (price of your gold stocks).  If taxes are abolished in India after the 2014 election, I predict money velocity in US banks will go almost parabolic.  Inflation will super-surge higher.  The QE gold crackhead class is finished.  The bankster gold-manipulation class is finished.  Gold stocks nirvana is being built on a rock solid gold and silver Chindian demand platter, and dinner will soon be served on the starship, with your junior gold stocks seated at the head table!


Kirk out





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