Dec 12, 2013


1.   One of you, a 250,000 ounce producing mining company in Australia, reports getting numerous phone calls now, from Chinese entities wanting to buy your gold production. 

2.   The taper is bullish for gold, because it’s bullish for inflation.  Check out the Taper101 videos I’m posting on the GU site for Taper101 details.

3.   It’s a coin toss guess as to whether taper #1, of many joyous gold-bullish tapers to come, happens on Dec 18, and my coin toss guess is: yes. 

4.   What’s your gold party taper time guess?

5.   The banksters lost the gold war, because they shot their aircraft carrier nuclear weapon pop gun at an Indian citizen gold buyer superstar starship. 

6.   The starship is now calmly, and decisively, preparing to fire back, and turn the aircraft carrier full of lobotomized chimps into spacedust. 

7.   The ramifications of that wildly hilarious aircraft carrier popgun shot are a fatal mistake, a mistake totally unknown to 99.99{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} of the America-rules-gold crackhead analysts in the gold community, and equally unknown to the Amoebica-rules-gold crackhead analysts on CNBC.

8.   “The demand for gold is always on the rise; every Indian invests in gold and even the poorest of the poor would gift gold as part of the tradition, be it the arrival of a new baby in the house, wedding or a success in job or education.” –Anonymous top banker, talking to DNAIndia.com, Dec 12, 2013.

9.   Gold as DNA.  An interesting concept.  A very real one on the starship.

10.            Please click here now.  Does anyone understand that there is no flatline event in stokeillator play on GDXJ?

11.            Does anyone understand that there’s a potential bull wedge in play? 

12.            The stokeillator lead sits down at about 17, on a crossover buy signal.

13.            Please click here now.  That’s a 2nd look at the GDXJ daily chart, with volume.  Note the past 3 trading days.

14.            Today was a down day, but price closed near the high.  Volume was high.  Yesterday was a down day.  Volume was low.

15.            Tuesday was an up day, and volume was enormous. 

16.            The volume pattern is bullish, and fits with the stokeillator action and the bull wedge pattern.

17.             Mark Dow is a respected swing trader on CNBC.  He doesn’t understand what’s about to happen to GoldgamsRus Amoebika at the hands of the Chindian tonnage scale, but he does understand the short term swings for gold pretty well, and he turned bullish today.

18.            Like most gold bears, Mark thinks rates are going to rise, and then gold falls, like in 1980.  Chindia thinks Mark is a useless ant if he has no gold.  If he has any, they’re coming to suck it out of him, and then they’ll spit him out like you spit out a sunflower seed shell.

19.            I’m not saying that gold can’t turn down after what I’ll call a “Mark Dow” rally. 

20.            In fact, that’s what I’ve suggested is likely; gold goes higher, towards $1500, but then makes new lows, while gold stocks and silver do not.

21.            Let’s focus on getting a rally for early 2014, but then remember that April-June is crash season for gold. 

22.            Once Modi is elected on the main gold buyer stage, or he isn’t and unofficial (citizen gold) imports go through the roof, you should also be at a point where American inflation is being mentioned by money managers, albeit mildly, and inflation in Japan is mentioned quite aggressively.


Gridtime!  The time when demand permanently swamps mine supply is coming, and when it arrives your junior gold stocks won’t look back…..Bitcoin is trading at an even $900 as I send this off.  Remember to keep the size small enough to keep it fun, and remember that most assets take a visit to your personal surprise zone, and mine, in quite a big way, for both price and time.  That’s the norm in wealth building, not the exception.






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