Aug 31, 2013


1.    While the bankster econs talk about gold $900-$1200 until 2015, various price chasers in the gold community cling to their parabolic demands, like ants clinging to a stick at sea.

2.   YOU cling to your vomit bag, and the buys inside it, and you beat on your greed, with a sell fills stick.

3.   A line-up of turn callers have predicted that gold will never trade below this price or that one, ever again in their lifetimes.

4.   If gold trades down to $900, they’ll probably be correct, because they’ll have likely killed themselves by then.

5.   My biggest concern is there was almost a “loss of sanity, part 2” event, on Monday evening and Tuesday morning.  The good news is that over-the-top bullishness is gone now, but that doesn’t mean we turn and go higher now.

6.   In regards to the “interview” with Henry Kissinger by supposed journalist “Alfred Heinz”…. Kissinger’s real name is Heinz Alfred Kissinger. 

7.   I don’t believe there was any interview.  Kissinger wouldn’t talk like that unless he was on drugs or being tortured.  Should Kissinger be arrested?  Well, a number of countries think so.  So do I, but that doesn’t make the interview real.

8.    In regards to making you richer, please click here now.  Double-click to enlarge.

9.   King of the mine builders, Rob McEwan, is in action, and he’s dealing with massive technical sell signals on this daily chart for MUX-n.

10.             Because of naked shorting and removal of the uptick rule, those who recommend shorting individual junior stocks that have little cash…well, I have to wonder about their ethics.

11.             GDX has lots of stock for strategic shorting.  There is DUST, a legitimate shorting instrument.   There is no scam equivalent to naked shorting or uptick rule for LONGSIDE investors…

12.             Bottom line:  Don’t be a bully.  Short stocks where you play as a fighter, not as a bullying scumbag.  Bullies don’t get a lot of respect, and people remember who they are…

13.             $2.34, $2.14, and $1.77 should provide some support to MUX, on a beat down. 

14.             Cheer for a blast over $3.04, but prepare for a tank show under $1.60.

15.             Why would the Fed taper in September?  Well, a September taper would simply create less excitement for both bonds and stocks.  There could be a crash, but that’s not too likely.  Having said that, it is crash season, so I would not be invested in the stock market now.

16.             What about gold?  The banksters can ask euro governments to dump/short gold at any point in time, while restricting the ability of Chindians to buy what is sold.  So, gold can be tanked at any time, on bankster whim.  Will they tank it, and use the taper-caper or the “need to raise cash by governments by selling an unproductive asset” …as the reason that it’s falling?

17.             I don’t know, but I do think you should please click here now.  That’s the daily gold chart.  IF $1434 is proven to be a minor trend high, then a pullback towards $1350 within the uptrend would be totally normal.

18.             Please click here now.  Double-click to enlarge.  That’s the same chart, with the oscillators and indicators included.  The entire chart is a mass of sell signals.  A decline to $1350 would be healthy, not destructive. 

19.             I’ve told you repeatedly that when there is a power-move to the upside, like you just witnessed from June, some individual juniors stocks can be “late to the party”, and surge higher while most others fall.

20.             Please click here now.  Double-click to enlarge this interesting chart of Rio Novo.  Note the massive green volume bar a week ago, AND the buy signals being generated on all the indicators, which is the opposite of what 95{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} of gold stocks are showing now.

21.             After an upside price-surge, there can be a number of situations like Rio Novo that appear.  There’s no guarantee that RN plays out, but there is a guarantee that if you own none, then you make zero if it does soar.


Report Card Day: Please click here now.  Double-click to enlarge this key silver stocks ETF chart.  I’m a buyer at $14.19 (tiny bit), $13.70(more), $12.80, $12.14, and $11, if those prices happen.  I would guess that any sell-off stops around $13, but who really cares about anything other than buy fills and sell fills…. Institutional monster brokers like Rich Coppleson did tell their clients to book profits, but are all these institutions really going to sell all their holdings at this cost of production point in time?  I don’t think this is the same situation as last year, where after a rally, gold stocks careened to one new low after another.  Regardless, all pgen junior marines stand in battle mode, ready to ring the cash register above SIL $16.90, and ready to buy the lower prices outlined above.  I think this is a great trading range area.  The bears are screaming for new lows and for gold stocks to burn in Hades.  The bulls are screaming for free parabolas to Pluto.  Maybe the better approach is work the current range?








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