Aug 15, 2013


1.    JWU time!  I had said a number of times, “this is NOT the short covering rally”. 

2.    Real short covering rallies, where size is involved, look and feel exactly like what you lived today, on the price grid.  Exactly.

3.    Listen hard:  There’s a good financial reason I began, years ago, laying the groundwork for ALL OF YOU, to gravitate to gold as a real currency.

4.    There have been a million pretenders to the gold currency throne, and there will be a billion more, before this super-crisis and Asian industrial revolution is said and done.

5.    The amount of respect I have for a parabola-demander wearing a gold currency mask, is about 50,000 times less than I have for a fiat loving freak.  It takes time, and pain, to understand, and then embrace, gold as a real currency.   I think I’ve forced you to take that pain, successfully.

6.    The current set-up on the gold stock charts literally demands YOU stand tall now, and… embrace gold as currency.

7.   You can’t take risk of being in fiat cash, while gold rips up the chart.

8.   If you sell your stocks for profit, sell them for gold bullion or silver bullion fizz, ETFs, or fully paid futures.  Not fiat.

9.   You’ll buy ‘em back, getting more shares, on a decline, and if there’s a super-surge in bullion/stocks, you’re in the show, rather than out of it.

10.             Got the picture? 

11.             I knew you would….

12.             All the endless work I put into this, separates you from the parabola-demanding garbage brain who screams that gold is a currency on every day like today, but couldn’t buy 20 cents of gold stock on a 95{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} price sale, if the entire population of the known universe depended on the worm pushing his buy button just once.

13.             If gold stocks tank against the dollar, they’ll likely tank against gold.  What I’m saying is that if GDXJ is near $50 (it is), and you sell some ( I did), and then it blasts straight to $70, how would you FEEL?

14.             Answer:  You (I) feel GREAT, if you put the proceeds in silver bullion, and that blasted higher too, albeit not to the exact penny higher that GDXJ/your junior issues did.

15.             Gold is the currency of champions, here and now, and so is silver.  It always was, but now… you don’t just think it is, you FEEL it is.  The feeling is pure, and not a mirage.

16.             Options, here and now, are critically important.  When gold fell hard in April, a lot of you wondered if options were a play.  I thought volatility would decrease then, since it had just gone “over the top”, and it did.  The options crew burned…

17.             Now, there is huge money in using options, with limited risk capital; if you think gold stocks have totally run out of gas, and “must correct”, grab some call options, just in case you are totally wrong, and instead GDXJ blows to $100 (or $300), while you stand there, soaked like a wet fiat rag.

18.             Rather than looking like a wet fiat rag (fiat is made from cotton, not wood, unknown to the fiat freaks, check it out)…if juniors soar, and you’re in gold/silver currency, and holding call options on GDXJ/individual juniors, guess what?  Correct, you shine too, brighter than the sun.

19.             The party all depends on you adopting gold, not fiat, as your base currency, here and now.

20.             If the show implodes, and “impossibly”, the chimps blow gold to new lows (it could really happen, despite what the lobotomized gurus, and your price chasing gut, tell you today), you’ll still be able to load up on individual juniors, NUGT, GDXJ, etc, with your bullion currency.

21.             Short covering does not replace the handcuffs on India’s real world buyers.  Some cokeman or heroinman buying his favourite junior on a short covering super-spike doesn’t equal a 1970s parabola re-run of Get Smarter.  It equals a short covering super-spike, designed by the banksters, for the banksters.  Period.

22.             Super surprise, not super “and now, finally, we’re finally on our way to free money land”, is the theme of this super-crisis, and it’s a long road to getting India industrialized.

23.             Adopt gold as your currency, and most of your future mistakes in the gold stocks arena, which will be much bigger than you anticipate now, will be largely mitigated.

24.             Remember also… the crash in silver that I’ve talked about, will come at prices vastly higher than $50, and when it happens, the silver bugs will wish they’d never been born. The $0 -$50 price zone, is the basing area for silver, and those who couldn’t handle the basing zone will be used as playdough, by the banksters, to entertain their demonic children, in the real price action zone.


Gridtime!  All-horrifically, and all-unknown to the parabola demanders wearing gold currency masks, today’s breakout of gold stocks against gold bullion came on light volume.  It’s not horrific at all, for those who adopt gold bullion as their currency of choice, and their currency of excellence.  We salute the gold currency champions today, but the question is, do we salute… you?





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