JWU AUG 1313

      Aug 14, 2013


1.    Junior metals stock investors (you) are probably lucky now, compared to the bullion crew.

2.   Their growth with safety turnip truck was hijacked by the banksters, and on top of the 10{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} tax on both gold & silver imports, the Indian bullion buyer is now facing a bid-ask spread that threatens to super-spike to $50 an ounce for gold!

3.   While you get richer, the bullion boneheads may find themselves in a gulag like you’ve lived in since 2006.  Don’t laugh.  It can really happen, and I’m placing real risk capital in the market, betting it does (via pgen to zero).

4.   It’s too bad we can’t get Indians on the junior gold stock buy.  I think that’s coming, but it’s a long ways off.  The Indian Gman is a dinosaur of the past, and impoverishing his citizens makes him wildly ecstatic. 

5.   Buying mining stocks on the Toronto Stock Exchange is the last thing the Indian Gman wants his citizens doing.  He want their money, for himself.

6.    Luckily, for you, a number of institutional money managers have joined the “If Western econ numbers surprise on the upside, that’s inflationary now” team.

7.   That’s the mindset that creates institutional buying and short covering in gold stocks.

8.   Yesterday, of paramount importance, silver stocks rose on the day, while the gold bullion turnip truck riders fell.  That’s the power of institutional money flows, themed around industrial growth = inflation.

9.   Silver is a growth with inflation star ship.  That’s what Queen Gold’s little brother is, and little bro is on centre stage, here and now.

10.              Don’t disrespect silver by stupidly calling it the “poor man’s lifeboat”.  Lifeboats are for failed worms.  Star ships are for champions.

11.              A silver star ship picture speaks a thousand lifeboat words, so please click here now.  That’s the SIL-nyse silver stocks ETF, without annotation.  SIL closed at the high of the day yesterday, while GDX & gold bullion melted.

12.              If you haven’t used a pgen to beam yourself onto the silver stocks star ship, maybe it’s time to consider that no star ship captain cares about QE tapering.  They like the improving economy, because it brings institutional buyers to silver stocks.

13.              If YOU want poor people buying your silver, fine.  I want the richest institutions on the planet buying mine.

14.              Please click here now.  Not only did SIL close at the high of the day, while gold bullion melted, it took out a 2nd minor trend fiat high ($14.77).  That’s hugely significant, and hugely ignored by almost every technician… except those working for the banksters.

15.              You might be shocked if you knew how bullish on silver some of the bank technicians are sounding right now.

16.               Please click here now.  That’s a 3rd look at the chart, and you can see that I have a $19 area target for SIL, based on an imperfect h & s bottom pattern.

17.              On a minor Edwards & Magee note; a number investors “correct” me, when I mention a h&s bottom pattern.  They say it’s an “inverse” h&s bottom.  I think that’s like saying, “it’s not the USA, it’s the United States of America”.  There’s no need to add the term “inverse” if you already have “h&s bottom”.  There are h&s tops, and h&s bottoms, and yes, the bottoms are inverse, but there’s no need to repeat that word over and over again.

18.              I’ll cover some of the individual silver stocks on the site this morning, and I want to be sure you don’t fly your silver star ship into the side of an asteroid that has “$16” marked on it, so, please, click here now.

19.              That’s a longer term look at SIL.  Note that massive overhead HSR that begins at $16.34.  Those who scream, “breakout over the neckline, buy huge now!”, may find they are buying just below a wall marked $16.34.

20.              The H&S pattern shows what might happen to buys you already made, which is make you richer.  It’s not a buy signal itself.

21.              I think most players in the gold community think too small on the downside, and too big on the upside, but that applies to all investor communities.

22.              I think more in terms of assets that are “up for grabs”, than trying timer-navigate myself through all the intermediate swings in that asset.

23.              Please click here now.  Sometimes, a moment of clarity is required.  Just breathe the air.  Rather than drawing 850,000 trend lines on the chart, just draw one.  Harry Schultz was the greatest chartist who ever lived, in the history of the gold community.  He never had more than 2 trend lines on a chart, and his charts were immaculate.

24.              GDXJ has broken above a key gulag door trend line.  The downtrend that has been in effect for a year may or may not be over, but the upside penetration of that trend line is very important, and it comes with GDXJ making the first new minor trend high since the gulag trap door was opened at GDXJ $100.


Gridtime!  GDXJ is trading at $45.50 in pre-market action this morning.  I brilliantly sold some yesterday at $45 and it fell immediately.  Today I feel more like an amoeba, as it soars.  When you sell, you should be prepared for higher prices.  I’ve sold about 2{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} of my gold stock position into this rally, and I’m replacing it with bullion, keeping me in the game, but with less risk.  Important:  To create an actual uptrend, the next minor downtrend in GDXJ must hold above the recent lows, and then another minor trend high must be exceeded.   At that point, if it happens, analysts will pour out of the woodwork making grand projections, while you yawn and get richer.  Don’t worry, the chimps won’t let you walk the junior gold stock price grid for that long, before you find yourself reaching for a vomit bag.  Hi ho, hi ho, then it’s back on the buy, you must go!





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