Apr 24, 2014


1.    Please click here now: http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14apr/2014apr24nev1.png  Double-click to enlarge.  That’s the superb daily chart of Nevada Sunrise. 

2.    On the daily chart, there’s a clear pennant pattern in play.

3.    On the weekly chart, it’s a flag.  Please click here now: http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14apr/2014apr24nev2.png  Double-click to enlarge.  Look at the volume.  Look at the bull wedge.  Look at the flag!  And now:

4.    “The greatest battle for Gold and Silver over the last 3 years will take place between today and July 31st of this summer.  The gold market scum know that time is no longer on their side to play April 2013 type games. Thus, either they push us down one last time, sub $1200, or the bottom is in already, and next $100-$200 is up!  If the bottom is not in, this will be the greatest buying opportunity for gold and gold stocks since 1999/2000 and the valuations today are ALREADY superlative!  I have no idea what comes next, and the HUI will tell us the truth ahead of time, and the pgen will take care of the rest!” –Goldlion April 24, 2014.

5.    Is an epic “battle royale” about to occur, as GoldLion suggests, probably between Indian and Chinese gold dealers/jewellers, and the banksters?

6.    Sadly, Koos Jansen, who enthusiastically began investing in gold 40 years after many of you did, has joined the “one more hit down” parade, after pumping his “super demand” numbers on the Shanghai gold exchange (SGE).

7.    Sadly, Koos isn’t actually part of the Chindian mafia, so he doesn’t understand that mob shipments from China to India numbers, are not published on the SGE for him to brag about, or cry about.

8.    Mafia shipments from China to India are growing, not shrinking.   There’s a lull in the action due to the Indian election, but there is no “dropping Chinese demand”.

9.    Koos never understood the shipments into China were going to Indian mobsters in the first place, so he thought Chinese demand was “skyrocketing”, when it was actually steadily increasing, and his “skyrocketing tonnage” was being sold to India.

10.Oh well, it was a good try by Koos.  Chinese demand was never skyrocketing any more than it’s dropping now.  It’s steadily increasing.  Period.

11.Koos thinks the dropping Shanghai premium on his coveted SGE means demand is dropping, when it’s actually something mandated by the Chinese government, to stop Chinese banksters and mobsters from engaging in price gouging.

12.If gold imports into China drop in April, it’s largely because of the Indian election. 

13.If they continue to drop in subsequent months, it’s because the Chinese bankster scum are turning off the imports pipe, trying to crank up the bid-ask spread (“premiums”).

14. Please click here now: http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14apr/2014APR24MUX1.png  Double-click to enlarge.

15.That’s MUX (McEwan Mining).  The right shoulder of the H&S top the bears were focused on, at $2.62, was taken out, and now it may be carving out a h&s bottom.

16. Note the very modest pickup on volume on the rally from the head of the pattern.

17. Per Edwards and Magee, the volume on a h&s bottom should pick up on the rally from the head to the point where it drops to form the right shoulder low, but it MUST pick up on the rally from the right shoulder low to the neckline.

18.So far, so good.

19.The TRIX indicator action (near bottom of chart) is spectacular, although today’s price action was disgusting.

20. Koos means well, but you see how quickly he goes from “look, demand is overwhelming supply, I know it is, so now we go vertical!”, to the classic, “on more down, I’m demoralized now, but after that we go vertical, I promise”.

21.Now Koos has totally lost it, and claims that suddenly Chinese Gmen are colluding with US Gmen to hold gold down, so that China can “hedge its dollars”, before the dollar tanks.  This is utter madness.

22. Gold is down, and looks like a wet noodle, because Indian gold jewellery buyers are in handcuffs.  Period.  I wouldn’t invest 1 cent of my money with Koos.  He has no clue at all what he’s talking about.  It’s all 100{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} garbage.  He’s a chart man.  He’s got some interesting charts to look at.  That’s all.  Everything else he brings to the table is garbage.

23. What’s real is the Indian mafia.  What’s real is the Chinese mafia.  What’s real is the banksters running gold down into today’s jobless claims report before it’s released, so when it is, and the claims surprisingly spike, they alone make all the money.  That’s what’s real.  Not Koos Jansen’s Twitter account text messages with his Chinaman pal.  That’s a cartoon show that bankrupts you.

24. It’s time to stop analysing, and join those who actually are fighting the gold bull war.  To do so, please click here now: http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14apr/2014apr24gdxj1.PNG  That’s the GDXJ daily chart.  Every Western gold teckie analyst and his poodle are racing forwards to tell you about the “ominous h&s top pattern” in junior gold stocks, while 700 million Indians are trying to shake the world’s most vile bankster and mafia scum off their back, and move your stocks higher, by buying ever more gold from your mines.

25.Gridtime!  In 1776, American freedom fighters took on Gman scum, and built the greatest ode to freedom in the history of the world, with blood, sweat, and tears.  In 2014, 700 million Inidans are fighting a global mafia/Gman, to do the same thing, and to ramp up demand for gold from your mines to surreal levels.  It’s not a time to predict whether the freedom fighters win or lose.  It’s a time to fight alongside them, but does any Western gold guru crackhead understand, with his traitorous “one more hit down, and then I promise I’ll join the fight, buying after we go vertical!”  The little crackhead is a traitor.  Period.  The pgen to zero on junior gold stocks, with modest increments, allows you to join the fight. 

Kirk, with phasers set to kill mode, out




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