JWU 2 MAR 29

March 29-30, 2014


1.    Please click here now: http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14trinijr/2014mar29gldx1.png Double-click to enlarge.

2.    That’s the gold explorers fund (GLDX-NYSE).  The sell-off is about 50{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} of the rally from the December lows, and has halted at buy-side HSR at $13.73.

3.    Note the volume at the bottom of the chart.  Volume has generally risen quite strongly, as price moved higher.

4.    I’d like all junior pgen marines to please click here now: http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14trinijr/2014mar29gldx2.PNG

5.    That’s the weekly GLDX chart.  There’s no question that the sell signals being generated on the 14,3,3 stochastics and on other oscillators is a great concern to many technicians.

6.    Here’s where you get to look into the mirror and ask yourself if you can handle reality or not.

7.    The simple fact of the gold stocks matter is that India is offline, although in the process of coming back online.

8.    No matter how hard you scream, action in Crimea is not going to replace Indian tonnage demand.

9.    With India not really due to come fully back online until the summer, you understand to understand that while we’ve all cheered for $1180 to be some sort of “ultimate bottom”, it’s only a cheer.  It’s not analysis. 

10.Attempting to define any price or time point as a bottom when the main source of demand is in handcuffs defines the bottom caller as an ultra-imbecile.

11. Cheerleading plays a legitimate and sizable role in wealth-building, but when it is covered with an analysis mask, the results can be devastatingly disappointing.

12.The simple fact is that whether gold has bottomed at $1180 or not will be determined by the timeframe that India gets back into full buying power mode.  It’s going to happen, but whether it happens with price above $1180, or below there, is unknown.

13.You simply can’t replace 100 tons a month of Indian bids with some crackhead’s stories about Crimea.  That just doesn’t move enough tonnage to continuously overwhelm supply, let alone overwhelm bankster scams.

14.I’m optimistic, but my focus is on the return of Indian demand, not on pretending it’s already here.  Don’t confuse what I’m saying here with a prediction that gold is going under $1180. 

15.My only prediction is that anyone trying to predict a gold bottom with India not anywhere near close to back online is an all-out imbecile. 

16.Gold’s next move is basically unpredictable now, but I have no concerns about gold or gold stocks as asset classes, nor about the coming super-surge in demand.

17.I’ve made more accurate fundamental predictions about items like QE than anyone in the gold community.  My job is to tell you when something can be predicted and when something is probably unpredictable. 

18.I’d be a scumbag if I tried to make predictions when I think they can’t be made.  I told you buy $1228, twice, and told you to focus on gold stocks.  I think you need to get into the mindset of looking into the mirror and proving to yourself that you can handle $1033 on the buy-side, if it impossibly happens, rather than trying to predict this low or that one, with India in handcuffs.  I’ve already predicted Indian and Chinese demand will exceed 3000 tons annually from each country, in the coming years. 

19.That’s something realistic based on the per capita gold buying versus the rate of industrialization.   But running around predicting something to make myself feel good, something that can’t be predicted, is idiotic.  It doesn’t build wealth.  It wrecks it.  Nobody in India is afraid of $1033.  Nobody.  Nobody there is predicting we go there, but nobody is afraid of that number either. 

20.Nobody in the West needs to be afraid of any gold number in the gold bull era.  Predicting any gold number here, up or down, is all-stupid.  The theme of the gold market now is waiting for the Indian election to finish, and then watching Indian demand begin a super-surge.  There is no other theme.  There is nothing else to predict. 

21.The election begins in 8 days and nothing else matters.  It doesn’t matter who wins.  The only question after the election is whether Indians are going to buy their gold from the mob or from legitimate dealers.  The question of whether demand is going to rise after the election isn’t an issue.  It’s a done deal.

22.Please click here now: http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14trinijr/2014mar29gldx2.PNG  In terms of the weekly chart oscillators, look at that GLDX chart again.  Look at the red boxes I highlighted.   

23.While, yes, gold may not have bottomed and yes you may have to put on your pgen marine helmet and get bloody, those red boxes show you that the overbought weekly chart stochastics could just gyrate between 50 and 90, over and over again, while price marches relentlessly higher.

24.Those with no brain will predict where gold stocks are going now.  Those with a brain will wear their pgen marine uniform proudly, predict nothing, and thunder-cheer for this event:  To view “this”, please click here now: http://www.gracelandjuniors.com/images/stories/14trinijr/2014mar29gldx3.PNG

25.Report Card Day!   Yes, look in the mirror, and see yourself on the buy at $1033.  Yes, look at that chart, and see all the week chart technicians stunned as gold explorer stocks impossibly surge higher, and higher, and higher.  In the unpredictable zone, all those who can’t predict anything wade forwards to predict both higher and lower prices, while you are as opento them going to new lows in the blood-is-you zone, as you are gold stocks relentless marching higher!


Kirk, on the bridge, 8 days to go until the curtain rises on the only gold demand stage that ultimately matters. 

Stay real.  Because the coming Indian post-election demand surge is ultimate tonnage real.  The only question is, do YOUR gold stocks respect what is…………. ultimate tonnage demand real?




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