JWU 2 MAR 27

Mar 26, 2014




1.   I can record videos, but can’t upload them.  Caribbean internet issue… Back in Toronto on Monday night.

2.    Gold is down $13.  Not down $500.  The Indian election begins in 10.5 days.  Not 10.5 decades.

3.   Thus: Have patience. 

4.   Chindia has your back in a way far beyond anything but what the founding fathers of America can understand, but when kirk beams up vomit bags at $1390 with “Indian Dealer $1300” marked on them, please don’t beam them back down while opening your “and now we go vertical!” crackerjack box prize… or you won’t like what happens.

5.   Hi ho, hi ho, it’s onto the buy, on your favourite stocks, all of Chindia’s dealers, now expect you to go.

Kirk on the rebuy bridge, out





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