JWU #1 NOV 6


Nov 6, 2013

  1. Bank America just said they are going long gold.

  2. Or did they?

  3. The technical analysts said they are going long gold. Bank technical analyst calls generally do not produce substantial liquidity flows from their clients.

  4. The BankAm call is a positive event for you, but it's a small one.

  5. A bigger positive event for you, much bigger, is HSBC's fundamental call made yesterday, for inflation to grow in Asia, for that inflation to produce growth in Asian demand for gold.

  6. What's the difference between Joe Blow gold guru predicting something in the market, and a big bank economist predicting the same thing?

  7. Answer: Liquidity flows.

  8. Question: Who thinks the gargantuan drawdowns on their junior gold stocks is hilarious? Hopefully, not you.

  9. To view something else that's not very funny, I'd like you all to please click here now. That's the rupee chart.

  10. I have drawn a multi-shouldered head and shoulders top on the chart, but you still need to keep an eye on this chart.

  11. Why? Because all the golden guru stories from West about the implosion of the dollar mean absolutely nothing to your gold price, at this point in cyclical time.

  12. What matters is the mine supply versus global demand situation for gold. A mobster has taken control of the Indian gold market, and his name is CP Chidambaram. You don't replace 100 tons a month of Indian demand with a Western gold writer's flock of gold parabola pipedreaming crackheads who can't even muster 1 ton a month of real world buying.

  13. We need those Indians back on line, and the mobster won't put them back on line online if the rupee doesn't stabilize against the dollar, and the Indian CAD doesn't drop. The good news is that the little rise in the dollar of the past few trading sessions comes on low volume and may form a bigger right shoulder of the head and shoulder top action.

  14. If you want to see GDXJ, and your component stocks within it, start rising, please click here now.

  15. That's Gitanjali Gems stock. As a Chindian gold community netizen (internet-based citizen), you may be gaining a basic understanding, like zero hedge has, that the central banks of India & China hate their citizens. They hate gold, and they hate you.

  16. You may also be about to gain a basic understanding that the GDXJ chart is a mirror image of the Gitanjali Gems chart.

  17. Please click here now. That's the GDXJ chart, and I'd like you to note that the highs of late August at $54.56, the lows of October at $34.81, and the recent highs of October at $41.92....

  18. Those key high and low areas all correspond with similar highs and lows on the Gitanjali Gems chart.

  19. Indian citizens buy the gold your mining companies explore for and produce. They buy it from companies like Gitanjali.

  20. You're a team. Indian citizens are on the team. You are on the team. Indian jewellery companies are on the team. Western junior mining companies are on the team.

  21. Indian central bank mobster maggot scum are not on the team. Try to keep that in mind.

  22. If you want to see a stock like Jaguar Mining survive and thrive, you better stare at the Gitanjali chart on a daily basis and hope it survives. And prospers. Your mining stock price charts don't care about bail-ins, bail-outs, debt ceilings. They care about Asian inflation, and Asian jewellery stocks.

  23. As you'll see in today's GU update, you're about to leave to rotary phone and Model T world of the Western gold guru, as Captain Chindia Kirk's starship arrives to take you on board, for a Warp Drive flight to a new world of gold where negativity is minimal, and getting richer is maximal.

  24. His warp drive is powered in the short term by falling oil prices that will reduce India's current account deficit. Also, of critical importance, things are happening in Japan at exactly the rate I thought they would happen, and I'll go over that in detail in the GU.

  25. Gridtime! The Bombo 30, as I term it, is India's equivalent of the Dow, and it's probably set to leave the American Dow in the dust, having already outperformed it from the 2009 lows. Unlike the phoney money-printed rise in the American Dow, the Bombo rise is going to be earnings-based, with an inflationary sidecar attached to it. The Bombo sits at 21k now, having soared there from about 7.5 at the super-crisis lows. I'm forecasting a monster breakout, and a super-surge to 35k. If oil keeps falling while the Bombo blasts higher, the Indian CAD (current account deficit) could tank by my July cost push inflation export day arrival timeframe. The world's greatest print-a-holic, Shinzo Abe, and his sidekick Haruhiko Kuroda, are on track to put the word... INFLATION... on the lips of every money manager in the world by July of 2014, and you can paste that forecast on your gold stock charts, as you board Kirk's starship as a card carrying Chindian gold community netizen. Western gold land has no clue what Shinzo is doing, and how fast he is going it. Who cares about some 10{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} supertax on bank accounts. I don't. If you have drawdowns of, shall I say, “slightly” more than 10{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} on a few of your junior gold stocks, should YOU care either? No. Inflation is coming, a reduction in India's CAD is coming, and a billion new middle class Chindians are coming. They are coming, like a herd of gold-demanding elephants, to get all the gold your mining companies can find. The Bombo is going stomp all over the Dow, like an elephant stomps an ant, and as that happens, I have to wonder what happens to the charts of stocks like Gitanjali. I have to wonder as they soar, what happens to the Gitanjali tracker chart of GDXJ and the component stocks within it? Most of all, I have to wonder what happens to YOU, as the Bombo skyrockets, inflation surges, and Mobster Chidambaram waves the Buy Gold Now flag at his citizens in July of 2014? Rather than buried in a Western gold community “I got the fizz and I'm afraid, we're all going to die!” bankster-engineered bunker.... Let's hope you're on the gold stocks starship, as a Chindian gold community netizen! I'll keep you focused on the action of the Chindian gold jewellery stocks, because that's what's going to blow the doors off the gold mining stocks gulag, and burn the gulag down. The QE rotary phone and death of America Model T was fun to play with, but now it's time to get richer, and get Chindian starship real. Kirk out.










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