Juniors PGEN Marines Update (JMU).

(Pronounced “JAYMEW”)


 May 2, 2016


 Junior PGEN Marines Update 


  1. Is a “correction” imminent for your junior gold stocks?
  2. Please click here now: That’s the GDXJ daily chart.
  3. The reality is that an upside acceleration is as likely as a correction right now.
  4. I shorted some gold today, but that’s not a top call. I said I would short some gold via pgen if it traded at $1300, and so I did.
  5. Gold can blast to $1500 as easily as it could sell off to $1100.
  6. Please click here now: That’s the daily Regis chart, one of the Thunder Down Under Portfolio component stocks.
  7. Please click here now: That’s another slice of Down Under Thunder! Northern Star may be staging an upside breakout.
  8. Both these stocks can be bought aggressively via pgen to zero, every 10 cents down, and some can be sold every 20-30 cents higher.
  9. They trade on the Sydney stock exchange, but some of the Thunder Down Under components do trade on the US exchanges, and are part of GDXJ.
  10. What’s particularly amazing is that these stocks are staging new upside legs just as the Aussie dollar surges against the US dollar!
  11. When the Aussie stocks originally rallied, the big story was all about the fiat exchange rate between Oz and America.
  12. It’s true that the Aussie dollar has rallied, but gold has rallied much more.
  13. Please click here now: Let’s welcome Flying Five component TRX to the 3 bagger status zone!
  14. The paint is barely dry on the TRX charts I showed you over the week-end and it’s already in blast-off mode again!
  15. Gridtime! I’ll be covering more Thunder Down Under action tomorrow, but in the meantime please click here now: That’s Max Risk Portfolio component Merrex.  It looks like a bit of a plodder (only a one bagger from the Sep lows), but please click here now:  That’s the monthly Merrex chart.  The bottom line is that Merrex has been rising since 2014, unknown to most of the junior gold stocks community.  From the 2 cent a share lows, Merrex is already an eleven bagger, and if it goes to the $1.30 highs, it becomes an all-epic sixty bagger!  Goldlion runs range pgens on stocks like Merrex all the way to zero, using ½ cent increments.  Let’s hit the mega-bagger gridlines now, pgen to zero bazookas in hand.  I’ll see you there!!


Kirk Jr. on the gold explorers bridge, out! 




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