Juniors PGEN Marines Update (JMU).

(Pronounced “JAYMEW”)


 June 20, 2016


 Junior PGEN Marines Update 


  1. Gold is down today.
  2. But your Golden Monster is up!
  3. Please click here now: That’s Golden Monster portfolio component Chesapeake, blasting up the chart!
  4. Look at the beautiful pullback to the supply line of the flag-like formation, followed a surge higher while gold sinks!
  5. I would be a buyer via pgen every 25 cents down.
  6. Please click here now: Go bull era big, or go home! CKG has 18 million ounces of proven and probable gold reserves, and a low cash burn rate.
  7. These are types of reserves that get China interested.
  8. Please click here now: That’s the monthly chart of CKG.
  9. For another important view of the monthly chart, please click here now: That’s CKG against gold.
  10. You can see that while there was a big peak against the dollar in 2011, what really determines whether gold stocks “have the juice” or not is where they sit against gold bullion.
  11. Gold was $450 an ounce in 2005 when CKG peaked out against it. What price would gold be at, if CGK were to take out the 2005 high on the CGK:gold chart?
  12. The answer is probably well above $2000. CKG could be a massive cash cow, as the bull era unfolds.  The question is, are you going to be in a position to milk that cow, as it happens?
  13. Please click here now: That’s the bitcoin daily chart. Bit is taking a “bit” of a breather here.  It looks like a consolidation.
  14. If you are new to bitcoin, you can use $25 increments in a $1000 to zero pgen to buy.  If you already own it and want more action, use a $50 increments pgen, because price has had a pretty good run already.
  15. Please click here now: That’s the monthly Asanko versus GDX chart.
  16. There appears to be a major upside breakout in play! From the 2008 lows, AKG has already staged a ten bagger advance against GDX.
  17. That’s like GDX trading at $150 a share. Right now! 
  18. Given the current stock price (about $5.40 cad), I would be a buyer of AKG every 50 cents down between $10 and $5.
  19. The company just started production in the spring, has a stunning AISC profile of $800 an ounce, and is roughly on track to hit about 200,000 ounces a year of production just in the first phase of that production.
  20. Asanko operates in Africa (Ghana) and Ghana gold production cost typically supports a low AISC.
  21. Please click here now: That’s another look at Asanko, US mkt traded. It looks like a bull era freight train leaving the station!
  22. Note the overbought RSI oscillator action that occurred in February. Asanko might be a bull era freight train, but most of the Western gold community is not on it!   
  23. Sadly, it’s not just the Asanko train they missed. It’s all the gold stock freight trains!
  24. Gridtime! You can’t blow out core positions when gold stocks have a tiny rally after trading at 20 year lows against gold, or you’ll be financially incinerated at worst, and left off the train at best.  Remember the pain it took you to buy these stocks when everyone else was selling them and verbally knocking them.  Companies like Asanko want to be players in the bull era.  Low AISC and solid reserves are just what the doctor ordered, for all junior pgen marines!


Kirk Jr. on the gold explorers bridge, out! 




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