Juniors PGEN Marines Update (JMU).

(Pronounced “JAYMEW”)


 Dec 10, 2019


Junior PGEN Marines Quickdate 



  1. Please click here now: I met a nice guy at the gym on the weekend.
  2. He was as big as a house but sadly, the value of his Pot Shots portfolio… looks as small as a mouse!
  3. Here’s my suggested strategy for those of you who want to be legal drug dealers: Either buy your favourite pot shot stocks when HMMJ is near $8.35…
  4. Or… wait for an uptrend to get started.
  5. The Canadian government is competing with the mafia, to make the most money from ripping off pothead consumers and pot dealers/growers.
  6. Both do well, but it’s going to take some time for these companies to become consistently profitable. The tactics I outline here take into consideration the possible scenario that…
  7. Consistent profitability might not happen.
  8. Please click here now: Thunder Down Under looks a bit more like Aussie gold bugs on the barbie right now.
  9. Having said that, it is what it is; Evolution and other key Aussie miners are still way above their 2011 highs and on that note…
  10. Please click here now: EVN picture tells a bull era story, don’t it?” – Rock Star Rod Stewart, Dec 10, 2019?
  11. "Red Lake is an under-capitalised asset which, through a committed investment in development and exploration, is intended to become a cornerstone asset." – Mine builder Jake Klein, Nov 26, 2019.
  12. Gridtime! EVN has bought the Red Lake property for $500 million+, and I like the term, “potential cornerstone asset”.  Jake Klein thinks big.  While the Aussie miners are swooning more than many investors are used to seeing, it’s overdue and I have the big buy-side HSR zones laid out.   Before crying too many tears, consider that GDX was about $63 in 2011 and it is about $27 now.  EVN was about $2.50 in 2011, and it is about $3.50 now.  Northern Star was about $1.25 in 201, and it is about $10 now.  Remember this:  In gold, the banksters make sure that most violent moves are retraced, whether up or down.  Aussie miners like EVN and NST super-surged during the 2019 May to Aug time frame.  That’s been retraced but the overall trends are still up, in a major way. Stay focused on major buy-side HSR and pgen action, whether with Western or Aussie miners, to get richer, and stay sane doing it!  Thanks!



Kirk Jr. on the gold explorers starship bridge, out! 





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