Oct 11, 2013



  1. We salute (sort of) Andrew Maguire, for calling today's total breakdown of numerous HSR support zones, “a minor issue” and “a range chop”.

  2. A number of gold community analysts once came up with the idea that the banksters tried to kill Andy, with a hit & run attack in a car, on the streets of London.

  3. That's like claiming that James T. Kirk tried to kill an ant..... with his starship.

  4. Gold arrived, finally, and for a 2nd time, at $1266 buy-side HSR today. Andy might call the action against the background of the Janet Yellen appointment a “range chop”, but I call it “Gold Bug Chop Suey”. The bears wiped the floor with the bugs today, and...

  5. I'll asked, begged, pleaded, ranted, and simply suggested that nobody should make a buy-side move in the gold market unless price touched the $1266 area, and it finally did so today.

  6. I've also suggested, repeatedly, that you would be holding a vomit bag when it came time to buy, and today's question is: Am I correct?

  7. Sugar marched higher, in the massively overbought zone, impossibly higher. The question is though, did any junior silver stock fans notice?

  8. Big moves in sugar can be followed by big moves in silver. This is not a big move yet in sugar, but it could turn into one. I was at an 18:1 longs:shorts sugar ratio, going into today, and now I'm at an 18:3 ratio. Add GDXJ shorts into strength into price strength, against your individual junior gold stock long positions, the same way that I add sugar shorts against my sugar longs. Why should you do that?

  9. Possible Answer: To Get Richer.

  10. CNBC finally showed up, to analyze today's gold trade wipeout. One CNBC-employed moron, who calls himself a “pro trader”, said that a 5000 contract sell order hit the comex, and that was “huge”.

  11. The chimps bombed the comex in April with 200,000 contracts, and the pro trading amoeba thinks 5000 contracts is “huge”?

  12. If the US Gman dumps gold from his treasury, following the instructions of various economists like the scumbags at Credit Suisse, you can expect a 2 million contract sell order to hit the gold market like a tidal wave hitting a house of cards.

  13. I have no idea if the chimps will be successful in getting the US T-Man to dump gold, but if they are, my suggestion is to have your buy orders ready, alongside the chimps, to take no prisoners, and take the T-Man's gold.

  14. The 5k contract sell order is all it took for the laughing chimps to push gold down to the stop orders at $1266, where they covered real short positions in real size, not 5k pretend size.

  15. The chimp raids on gold bulls, and on gold bears, will continue. In the meantime...

  16. SoGen bank, whose algo traders were directly involved in the takedown through $1523, blew a “no taper!” analysis trumpet today, claiming Yellen won't taper until 2015.

  17. That's great news, except for the “minor” detail that gold was taken down by SoGen and their short-gold other bankster crew, from $1923 to $1179, and gold is still in big trouble.

  18. So, let's do the math: Gold falls about $500 on “we might taper when we said we would taper” news, and then it falls $30 on “no taper until 2015” news.

  19. That sounds logical, correct? No, it's not logical, but that's the level of gamemanship the bankster chimps bring to the gold market gridlines, and the only question is: Can you handle the ride?

  20. The banksters don't care if QE is tapered or tripled; if they want gold blown into the garbage can, that's where it goes. They don't short it lower. They legislate it lower, as all of Team India Citizen found out the glow in the dark skeleton way. “Tow the line, and keep your bids small, or you get no more gold for your Diwali festival, got it? - Banksters and Mobster Chidambaram talking to Indian gold dealers, Oct 11, 2013?

  21. Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge. You are looking at the Aberdeen daily chart. Aberdeen's book value is vastly higher than 18 cents. That doesn't matter if more sellers exist than buyers. Regardless, the stock has gone into a rectangle formation after staging a wet noodle upside breakdown from a bullish wedge pattern. Bottom feeders should report for duty, but report with a pgen-to-zero, not a turn-calling plop of huge risk capital. Hone your buys, like a sculptor hones a piece of marble.

  22. Please click here now. If you're not a gambler, ignore that chart. If you are a gambler who likes heroin, well, that's JDST-nyse, which started trading about a week ago. It's a triple leveraged bear bet on junior gold stocks. This 30 minute bars chart already shows a channel in play.

  23. For hedging purposes, I like shorting GDXJ better than buying JDST, while buying individual positions. For options traders, JDST is like an option. It jumped 50{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} in the past week. During a week in the gold stock gulag like you just lived through, looking at huge gains on a short position goes a long ways towards keeping the investor in a solid emotional state, which is something not many junior gold stock investors understand.

  24. The preferred drug of some bullish junior gold stock gamblers is cocaine. If that's you, please click here now. That's JNUG, the triple-levered bull junior golds ETF.If you already own a mountain of individual junior stocks, I don't see the point of buying JNUG, but the technical indicators do suggest it could rally next week.

  25. Gridtime! I think where the junior gold sector is right now is here: There are a lot of inflationary pressures that seem to be on the verge of bubbling to the surface. That's seen first in commodities like sugar. Stocks like Alcoa have built gargantuan base patterns and seem to be on the verge of breaking up from them. At the same time, YOU are living through the greatest blitzkrieg attack of the gold and gold stocks market, arguably in history, and certainly since the central bank of the United States attacked gold investors in 1869, and gold entered a bear zone that lasted 100 years. Whether it being told that the appointment of Janet Yellen is a gold sell signal by CNBC, or whether it is being told that a US government total default is a gold sell signal, or whether it is the chimps pounding gold through stoplosses at $1269 so they can cover massive short positions while destroying entire hedge funds, the bottom line is that YOU are under massive attack, particularly from various world governments, like never before. So, patience, and hope, is required. You hope that the Asian governments will limit their attacks on their citizen gold buyers, as the citizens try to buy more gold year after year. You don't know what will really happen, because governments have become mobster organizations. Cheer for the citizens, not the mobsters. See you out there, on the gridlines that matter!








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