Feb 7, 2014


1.   Please click here now.  Double-click to enlarge.  Unfortunately, this ZJG.to daily chart (Canada’s version of GDXJ) shows more indicators and oscillators rolling over, into technical sell signals.

2.   There’s also a commodity-style double top in play, which I’ve highlighted.

3.   I’m hoping that the double top morphs into a rectangle, and a gold-bullish jobs report could make it happen.

4.   I’m not betting any money on that idea.  Bet money on the pgen entry points, and on nothing else.

5.   Please click here now.  That’s the McEwan mining daily chart (MUX-nyse), and you can see that it looks a little toppy here.

6.   It arrived at buy-side HSR in the $2.80 zone yesterday, but a 50{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} retracement of the$1.70 - $2.70 power move would be about $2.20. 

7.   Before buying: Wait for the pain.  Or there will be no gain.

8.   Bitcoin was gaining some of the stability that various governments claimed to be looking for, in terms of price volatility.  Then Apple pulled the last of their bitcoin apps off their site yesterday, and the rumour in bitcoin land, is that’s because the bitcoin apps were competing with their own payment system.

9.   Please click here now.  Wait for the pain.  Or there will be no gain.  That’s the hourly bars bitcoin chart.  The Apple move sent Sir Bit investors into a panic, and into their personal pain zone.  So I bought, with a focus on lightcoin. 

10.                I’ve already booked two pgen wins this morning in “Knight Light”, while team Apple Hater hides in a closet, begging Mr. Market to “just stop the crypto pain!”

11.                Crypto currency is not gold.  It’s like a junior gold stock which makes it a gambling entity.  It’s what central banks should hold instead of gold.  It’s all they deserve to hold.  They can’t handle holding gold in a professional manner, so they should not hold it at all.  I still get shocked when gold stocks are rocketing higher by the emails I get from non-subs that junior stocks are “safe”.  There are no “safe” junior gold stocks. 

12.                That’s like asking if one slot machine is a safer investment than another.  It’s all gambling.  The pgen to zero mitigates a lot of risk, but not the risk of the item going off the board.  Only the decision on what total amount of capital should be placed in a junior stock can do that…

13.                Mainstream media is pumping today’s jobs report as a “free money” event for the stock market freaks. 

14.                They claim that investors “can’t lose”, as a weak jobs report will be weather-caused, and a good jobs report will be an epic buy signal.

15.                Here’s my message to the dumb freaks:  Hello, earth to free money freaks on mars:  The TAPER is gold-bullish and Dow wet noodlish to bearish. 

16.                If the jobs report is viewed as strong regardless of the numbers, like the stk mkt freaks are demanding, then guess what?

17.                Correct, Shark Janet tapers again, and the Dow could tank again when she does.  After 2 tapers put the Dow in the tank, these idiots are almost begging the Gold Bull Shark to taper them into the tank again.  They are (almost) as stupid as the Bernie Madoff’s clients who think Indian mobster CP Chidambaram is a superhero.

18.                Speaking of mainstream media, after literally claiming just a year ago that natural gas could trade at a price of zero (so you shouldn’t own any of course), the same crew now claims that a massive shortage could occur, and so you should buy large, before it gets away.

19.                On that note, please click here now.  Double-click to enlarge.  That’s Fairborne energy, now renamed Santonia, and member of the Seven Sisters natgas portfolio.

20.                As in the gold sector, many natgas stocks almost went off the board, as the banksters mauled the natgas price so badly that mainly analysts really believed the industry was finished, even with the fracking boom.

21.                Santonia jumped to life yesterday, but natgas is short term “up there”.  There will be more stocks in the gas sector that come to life, even after gas itself has its next smash.

22.                Please click here now.  Double-click to enlarge this key Denison Mines daily chart.  Note the small double top pattern, with highs in the $1.60 area.  It follows the double T on Cameco, but Denison has been holding up better than Cameco has. 

23.                Hi ho, hi ho, it’s on with the theme of juniors resource outperformance, all the sectors do go! 

24.                There’s buy-side HSR at $1.34, but let’s be honest; there’s no pain there.  At the $1.25 HSR zone, the emotions in the market will probably be more negative, and I’d start my rebuys there.

Gridtime!  If junior stocks are for gamblers, is buying the first HSR zone on a sell-off an action defined as “beyond gambling?”  It’s certainly ultra-gambling.  If you sold Denison or other junior yellowcake trading positions too quickly, does that mean you should try to buy them back even more quickly?  No.  That’s called error compounding, and it builds poverty, not wealth.  To go into the jobs report on a lighter note, courtesy of sub Oracle of Utah, please click here now. Let’s hit the gridlines now.  See you there!





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