Aug 1-2, 2014



1.   To almost view my largest juniors holding, please click here now:


3.   While Jim Sinclair acts as chairman of the advisory board to the exchange rolling out the world’s biggest contract (fizz or paper) of gold price discovery…

4.   Please click here now:

5.   That’s the daily gold chart and…it looks great.  Singapore looks great, with their new gargantuan 25KG contract for the warehoused fizz about to roll in potentially just 8 weeks.

6.   How does TRX itself, my largest juniors holding, look?

7.   Well, please click here now:  Double-click to enlarge this juniors rocket ship on the launch pad party time chart!

8.   Has Jim has showed you the whole TRX story?   Perhaps the answer is yes, and perhaps it is no.

9.    Regardless, a move above $2.57 could begin a rise towards the $4 zone.  Please click here now:  That’s the monthly TRX chart.  Note the PPO indicator at the bottom of the chart.  TRX has taken out some trendlines, which is bullish, and is set to flash a buy signal with a crossover of the 5 and 10 month moving averages.

10.        On Tuesday, I suggested that gold could “easily” trade at $1290, or even $1280, before beginning a post jobs report rally.

11.        It went to $1279.50 Friday morning, during the jobs report games, and then surged to $1293.

12.        I’ve suggested that Friday could likely mark the low point for gold, in terms of the intermediate trend, and a rise to $1347 could begin.

13.        That almost seems surreal.

14.        Not since 2011 has gold exceeded an intermediate trend high.  Failure to do so almost seems like “the new normal”; it’s almost expected that all rallies will die just before they actually bring the gold stock investor any real satisfaction.

15.        The Chinese stock market fared extremely well over the past 2 trading days, considering how hard the Dow got smoked.  That adds to Chinese investor confidence. 

16.        Meantime, Hong Kong based econ Sunil Kashyap, who is head of Scotiabank and Scotia Mocatta for all of Asia, and who I’ve called the world’s most rational man, suggests that after a soft July month, gold demand should start to increase in quite a strong way by August 16, in India.

17.        The look and feel of the gold charts to me suggests that Indian & Chinese demand should see the bulls be successful in an assault on $1347, with the possibility that a geopolitical event is actually the catalyst that blows gold, and your junior gold stocks, past the $1347 and $1392 intermediate trend highs, opening the door to massive hedge fund buying, and modest profit booking, not storytelling about higher prices, by you, and by the banksters.

18.        While the world’s most rational man never expected Indian Gmen to address the imports issue in the recent Indian budget, the imploded and coffinized Western gold community did.

19.        They were horrifically disappointed, as their fantasy that Modi would somehow create a “replacement parabola” for the “QE gone all wrong” pipedream...also imploded.

20.        Modi wants Indian growth to surpass Chinese growth.  He wants to put India on a path to surpass China, financially.  He just told the WTO (world trade association) to take their July 31 deadline and scram, enraging globalist and terrorist John Kerry.

21.        ‘"The PM has sought minimum use of affidavits and shift to self-certification, so as to benefit the common man," said a statement by the PMO, terming the move as one that would bridge the governance deficit in the country.’ – Economic Times News, India, Aug 2, 2014.  Heads up:  August 2nd is: TODAY.

22.        You need to realize that Modi is not going away.  Quite the opposite is the reality.  Your reality.  He’s like Ron Reagan 2.0, and the relevance of American economic reports to gold price discovery, is slowly being crushed by events in China, but particularly in India, like a boa constrictor crushing a rotary phone.  The riddance of affidavits chops citizen costs and time.  It frees up purchasing power and time, to buy more gold from your mines.

23.        India isn’t interested in monetizing their gold.  The gold haters claim monetization has failed because of “lack of infrastructure”.  Wrong.  Monetization has failed, and will continue to fail, because Indians are getting richer, not poorer.  They want more gold, not less.  They’re not interested in melting down their wedding gifts, to get more jewellery as a swap or for a paper from some premiums-obsessed bankster. 

24.        They simply want more gold, and they don’t want it from the paper gold popsicle stand.  They want it from your mines.

25.        Please click here now: That’s the Dow.  Should you sell your gold stocks and buy the Dow now, like 70{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} - 90{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} of the gold community did in June 2013 and Dec 2013?  My suggestion:  No.


Kirk Jr. on the gold explorers bridge, out!





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