aug 12 JMU

Juniors PGEN Marines Update (JMU).

(Pronounced “JAYMEW”)


Aug 12, 2015


Junior PGEN Marines Update


  1. What a day! Is “the rally” on?
  2. Please click here now: That’s MAG Silver. Look at the head and shouldering action on that weekly chart!
  3. Please click here now: That’s Coeur D’Alene in action on Monday. It leaped 19{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} on the day, and held all the gains yesterday! Today the rally could accelerate!!
  4. Please ask Marty Armstrong to click here now: YOU can also feel free to click that link.
  5. Please then ask him to click here now, while you also click it:
  6. In the bull era, a company with 38 million ounces of gold in British Columbia may not get noticed by Marty Armstrong, but the gold it has will get noticed by more people in China and India, than will ever live in America.
  7. Marty was wasting your time talking about dead cats on Friday, while I showed you that chart. Since then, it’s staged two more vertical blasts into the cusp of the bull era sky.
  8. Any questions?
  9. I like Marty, but nobody in India cares about his dead cat stories, In the bull era he’s going to learn his place, and it ain’t nowhere near the top of the Chindian gold jewellery food chain.      
  10. It’s not just Marty. It’s all of us. We’re all going do a lot more listening, and a lot less talking, as China builds out the greatest gold market infrastructure in global gold market history, and India uses that infrastructure to demand as much gold to celebrate weddings and Diwali, as all of America would if it burned like Rome.
  11. And that listening, and buying sales instead of analysing them, dear bull era PGEN Marines, is going to make us all….
  12. Vastly Richer.
  13. I told you in April of 2013, as the Indian mafia attacked gold that when the jewellers fought back, the news coming out of China and India would reach a point where couldn’t even go hours without a new blast of Chindian bull era news.
  14. That news flow is happening every few days now, and this is only the cusp of the bull era. What happens when you get to the main stage of it? You saw the king of gold buy the world’s largest refinery in Switzerland a week ago, like a Golden Gorilla eating a banana.
  15. Don’t think he and/or some of his pals can’t do the same thing with the CRIMEX.
  16. They can, and they will.
  17. Now, back to the party: That’s the Endeavor Mining chart.
  18. Please click here now: That’s another look at Endeavor. Note the sell-side HSR at 58 cents.
  19. It’s been a great rally, but profits need to be booked in this area. Obviously, core positions are not sold, and it’s not even that important that you book trading profits here.
  20. What IS important is that you get into a “sell mentality” when price rises, and a buy mentality when price declines.
  21. Please click here now: That’s Torex. Look at the blast upwards, all the way through the May highs!
  22. Please click here now: That’s the Chow Tai Fook daily chart. Chow is the world’s largest gold jewellery retailer.
  23. It’s very difficult for gold mining stocks to rally without stocks like Chow in rally mode. I own it in some size, and use it as a lead indicator for Western mining stocks.
  24. A potential breakout appears to be in play now.
  25. Gridtime! Will further declines in the yuan cause Chinese citizens to buy gold aggressively? Well, that depends with the Chinese stock market. I don’t really like the fear trade as a reason to own gold, although I own a lot of gold exactly for that reason. Fear trade liquidity flows tend to be temporary, while love trades flows are steadier and more permanent. I’d like to see a situation where the yuan is freely traded, the stk mkt rises modestly, and gold jewellery is bought steadily in China. A rush out of the yuan and into gold isn’t really what builds a bull era. It might give you a nice rally, but that’s about it. The era is what is coming, and your mines will become part of the world’s most respected asset class. I’d say, “you can take that to the bank”, but I think the more appropriate phrase in the bull era is, “You can take that to the gold jeweller”. Let’s hit the gridlines now, with gold batting for $1118. I’ll see you there!



Kirk Jr. on the gold explorers bridge, out!




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