Aug 11, 2014



1.   FloJo Indicator alert:  GDXJ was the 6th most accumulated stock on the entire New York Stock Exchange, on price weakness on Friday.

2.   With Saturday’s Goldman statement that Barrick is their top pick of all stocks in America, here and now, the gold bear terrorists are thinning in numbers, and becoming quieter than mice.

3.   Please click here now:  The downwards sloping neckline is a negative, but the huge volume is positive.  GDXJ maybe just drifting along the neckline, after breakout out to the upside.

4.   The rally from the right shoulder to $46.50 exceeded the rally from the head to $46.  That’s a positive factor.

5.   Please click here now:  That’s the big RIO NOVO ( picture.

6.   Please click here now:  That’s a closer look at, which has pulled back inside the  triangle, but with junior stocks, exact technical analysis doesn’t work.  The big picture is solid.

7.   To view the “other” RIO in action, Rio Alto (, please click here now:  The h&s top is destroyed, and that opens the higher price door of possibility.

8.   Here’s how I view now:  Double-click to enlarge.

9.   To understand the Chinese side of the gold bull era, thanks to John Mauldin & Reorient, please click here now:

10.        It’s also critical to stay focused on the ability of individual juniors to blast higher, while gold does not.

11.        Bigger, intermediate trend style moves feature individual companies moving higher for weeks, or even months, as averages like HUI and GDXJ grind sideways to lower.

12.        That’s in play now.

13.        Please click here now:  Chesapeake is a monster resource play, and now there’s a H&S bull continuation pattern (albeit juniors-style) in play.

14.        I’m still open to the idea that gold could trade in the $1290 area, before going higher, but the destruction of the bearish H&S top on the daily GDX chart gives hope the idea that gold itself can destroy the lesser h&s top on its hourly bars chart.

15.        Bankster games aren’t gone, but they’re fading.  When mines mine, refiners refine, dealers deal, jewellers jewell, there’s not much room for banksters to be play gold price games, literally.

16.        The banks are going to make gargantuan profits in China and India, doing banking.  Down the road, the opportunity to turn the SGE into a levered Casino Royale will occur, but not for now.

17.        The banks will help build business in China and India, fuelling citizen wealth, and hence fuelling demand for ore from your mines, and fuelling demand for your junior stocks to explore ever-harder, to find more gold.

18.        As one of America’s most famous comedians, Robin Williams, is prepared for his funeral, after apparently killing himself today in severe depression, I want to remind the Western gold juniors community that wealth, and emotional stability, are built in the market via buying your personal vomit bag zone, via pgen to zero, not via “calling the tops, and selling there”.

19.        Don’t worry: I’ll tell you if the public is on the buy and I’m about to go on the sell. The reason why I’m one of a handful of gold analysts in the black on my junior gold stocks is due to the buying, not the selling.

20.        Mr. Bologny Sandwich showed up today, after blowing the June rally.  In April 2013 he put out a lawnchair, and claimed to be sitting in it because he knew the low was in.  Two days later the banksters and the Indian mafia imploded gold, and his pipedream.  Then he lied, and claimed he called the bottom.  That was beyond disgusting.  Now he’s out again, twisting his failed June rally and July low call into a marked to Bologny Sandwich call.  If the man is not careful, he’s going to end up like Martin Armstrong, doing some serious time, in a serious clink.  Let’s hope he wakes up, before it happens.

21.        You bought gold because of the fear trade, and you’ll get richer because of the love trade (jewellery demand).  As a broker, I was a risk freak, in many ways.   I want to talk about my respect for the fear trade, in that regard….

22.        Nobody opened an account with me that wasn’t 100{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} speculation, not matter how they operated.  For my protection, but mostly theirs.  

23.        New clients were always shocked when I said, “the first thing for an investor to buy is gold.  Buy the lowest risk asset, the ultimate asset, first.  Don’t buy a lot, but buy it first.”  Obviously, few of the morons listened, and so few of them survived.  Oh well, I somewhat cared.

24.        Lowest risk assets need to be bought first, and then higher risk assets bought later.  Some of you have bought stocks like Jaguar right into the lows.  This is essentially a stock going from $14 to fractions of a cent. 

25.        Wealth is built in the buying, not the selling, for the honest man and woman.  For the dishonest bankster, Gman, or mobster, wealth is built in manipulated selling.

26.        Gridtime!  Please click here now:  Is Donner a gonner, or is it about to surge hundreds of percent higher?  To chop risk in junior resource stocks, you prepare capital to buy lower.  There is no wealth building plan based on “I sell the tops”.  Volume suggests the pgen accumulators have more than a pulse!


Kirk Jr. on the gold explorers bridge, out!




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