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Galactic Juniors





Juniors PGEN Marines Update (JMU).


Leo The Lion Chart:$GOLD&p=W&yr=5&mn=0&dy=0&id=p74287282890&a=687585508&listNum=24

Michelangelo Chart:

Gold Versus Silver Chart:


E&M: Edwards & Magee, Technical Analysis Stock Trends book authors.

HSR = Horizontal Support/Resistance

TSR = Trend Line Support/Resistance

MSI = Main Street Inflation.

CSI = Creep State Inflation (Stocks, Bonds, Houses).

PGEN: Pyramid Generator (Systematic Capital Allocation)

US Stock Market Crash Season:  Aug 1 - Oct 31.

Gold’s International Anthem:

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Gold stocks.  The bull era safe haven.  Are YOU onside? 


Junior PGEN Marines Quickdate 



Apr 26, 2021      


  1. Graceland Juniors died and Galactic Juniors is here!
  2. and email is All logins should work, but if they don’t, let me know and I’ll reset.
  3. Bull Era Law. Are you a law-abiding citizen?  
  4. To find out, please click here now: I don’t think most junior mining stock investors understand the bird they have in their hand…
  5. When the banks put gold at weekly chart buy-side HSR, you are looking at 20% on the low end for a decent junior rally in a couple of months, and 50%-70% happens… a lot!
  6. Most gold bugs in the juniuors sector wait for Godot. They wait for 1979-again, pimped with banksters blowing up on the CRIMEX.
  7. That’s an interesting fiat bird in the bush, but I suggest grabbing the 50% golden birds in your HSR hand, via PGEN!
  8. In theory, you could beat the long-term track records of money managers like Paul Tudor (Jones) by trading just a couple of times a year, being in the market for only 3-4 months of the year…
  9. By buying junior miners around gold weekly chart HSR, and selling via pgen for 20%-100% gains.
  10. Generally speaking, it will be the “junior-intermediate” stocks (think GOEX, GDXJ components) that will be the most in sync with gold price rallies from HSR like $1778, $1671 (and $1450, $1228, $1033, $728, $562, $252!).
  11. Some of the CDNX stocks tend to follow the CDNX index as much, or even more than they follow gold, even if they are gold miners.
  12. Gridtime! Please click here now: That’s a look at GDXJ’s rallies from gold $1778 and $1671.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to consider investing in even more raw juniors… that show a decent track record of being in sync with gold.  If you have juniors that consistently stage 50% rallies or more on the average bounce from gold bullion weekly HSR, well, you have a decent shot at making Paul Tudor look like a little leaguer, with a fraction of the effort.  Work hard?  Well, my suggestion is to work hard at working smart!  Have a marvellous Monday!


Kirk Jr. on the gold explorers starship bridge, out! 





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